Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p137


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Volume 4, Page 137

most of his prop. to br. Richard, sis. Elizabeth and Mary, all in Eng. WILLIAM,
Lynn, m. 28 Jan. 1666, Hannah Graves, perhaps d. of Samuel
the first, had William, b. 14 Feb. 1667 ; Hannah, 27 Jan. 1669;
Thomas, 25 Apr. 1671; Sarah, 10 June 1673, d. at 3 yrs.; Mary, 15
Aug. 1675; Sarah, again, 24 Feb. 1678, d. next yr.; and Elizabeth 25 Apr.
1680, was freem. 1684. WILLIAM, Boston 1662, witness to will of
Robert Clark, was adm. freem. 1672. WILLIAM, Salisbury, s. of Richard,
m. 21 Apr. 1693, Abigail Page. WILLIAM, Lynn, s. prob. of William
of the same, was freem. 1690. WILLIAM, Charlestown, may have
been that youngest s. of Thomas, whose bapt. 12 Feb. 1682, is rec. in
the ch. vol. without the name. He m. Abigail, d. of Isaac Fowle, had
Abigail, bapt. 20 Apr. 1701; William, 19 July 1702, d. young; Sarah,
30 Jan. 1704; and William, again, 2 Feb. 1706, H. C. 172O, min. of
Weymouth, f. of Abigail, the mo. of first Presid. Adams. This name
Farmer truly calls, "the most freq. of any in N. E. and perhaps in the
U. S." In 1834, he says, 214 had been gr. at N. E. coll. of wh. 74 are
found at Yale, 35 at Dartmouth, and only 38 at Harv.

    SNAWSELL, ABRAHAM, Marblehead 1672. THOMAS, Boston,
merch. 1663, ar. co. 1665.

    SNELL, CHRISTOPHER, Dover 1671, in this yr. was tax. GEORGE,
New Hampsh. 1689, mariner, favor. Mass. jurisdict. d. 1708, may
have been s. of the preced. JOHN, Boston 1669. THOMAS, Bridgewater,
had Thomas, b. 1671, was the largest ld. holder in the town.

    SNELLING, JOHN, Saco 1653, s. of Thomas of Chaddlewood, in
Plympton St. Mary, Co. Devon, may have rem. to Boston 1657, and d.
1672, leav. s. Joseph, perhaps also John, and Benjamin, these three
being tax payers in Boston 1695; and Joseph perpet. the fam. dying 15
Aug. 1726, aged 59, leav. eleven ch. NICHOLAS, Gloucester, m. 8 Nov.
166, (the fourth figure for the yr. is lost), Mary Hibbert, prob. d. of
Robert of Salem. WILLIAM, Newbury 1651, a physician, s. of Thomas
of Plympton, St. Mary, had purch. 1654, est. in Boston, wh. he sold in
1657, but purchas. ano. in B. 1660; and here his w. Margery, eldest d.
of Giles Stagg of Southwark, wh. he m. 5 July 1648, d. 18 June 1667,
aged 46 yrs. By her he had William, b. 24 June 1649; Ann, 2 Mar.
1652, wh. prob. d. young; and Ann, again, 7 May 1654, bapt. next Sunday.
Coffin, p. 55, furnishes some amusing story of his short resid.
at Newbury. WILLIAM, Boston, prob. s. of the preced. m. Margaret,
wid. of William Rogers, had Mary, b. 20 June 1677; but, it is said by
Farmer, that no descend. remain.

    SNOOKE, JAMES, Weymouth, by his will, of 22 June 1655, pro. 19
July foll. of wh. he made his w. Margaret Extrix., he seems to have
come from Fifehead Magdalen near Shaftesbury, Co. Dorset, nam. two