Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p13


Volume 4, Page 13

Phebe, 20 June 1703 Abiathar, 26 Feb. 1704; Zadok, 1 June 1707;
Amy, 10 Dec. 1710; Abigail, 15 June 1712; Mary, 17 July 1715; and
Jonathan, 16 Mar. 1718; and d. 21 July 1750. WILLIAM, Hampton,
was brot. from Eng. by his. gr.f. Bachiler, says the fam. tradit. in June
1632, by w. Mary Moulton, had William, b. 1650; Josiah, bef. ment.;
Mary, 19 July 1660; Mehibosheth, 5 Nov. 1663; Sarah, 12 Feb.
1667; and Stephen, 4 Sept. 1671; was selectman, rep. and d. 18 Sept.
1692. WILLIAM, Hampton, eldest s. of the preced. m. 1 Jan. 1680,
Mary Marston, had John, b. 6 Nov. foll.; Mary, 1683; and a d. 21
Sept. 1685, wh. d. next yr. as had his w. some wks. bef. but he liv. to 9
Dec. 1744.

    SANBROOKE, THOMAS, Boston, whose will of 16 May 1649, pro. 6
Feb. foll. is seen in Geneal. Reg. VII. 227, could not be other than a
trans. trader here.

    SANDERBANT, JOHN, the freem. of 10 May 1643, is, I doubt not,
blunder of Mr. Secr. for Sunderland, as shall in that place be explain.

    SANDON or SANDERS, Salem 1639, on Marblehead side, had license to
keep an inn, and in 1645 to sell wine; d. a. 1667.

    SANDS or SANDES, JAMES, Block Isl. now call. New Shoreham, was
b. it is said, 1622, at Reading, Co. Berks, came with w. Sarah, and, perhaps,
was of Taunton 1658, but among first sett. at the Isl. bef. 1672;
had Sarah, wh. m. prob. bef. 1673, Nathaniel Niles, and tradit. tells, that
he had been as early as 1643, of Portsmouth, R. I. and freem. 1655.
See Niles, in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VI. 192. In Hist. of New London,
293, Caulkins ment. at his d. Mercy m. 29 Apr. 1683, Joshua Raymond;
and that she was incident. connect. with the famous pirate, Wiliam
Kidd. Beside that Mercy he had John, James, Samuel, and ano. s.
and d. 13 Mar. 1695. James and Samuel liv. at Cowneck, on L. I.
JOHN, Charlestown, d. 28 June 1659; but as this surname is not seen
in the rec. of ch. or of town resid. 1654, he may have been only trans.

    SANDY or SANDIE, sometims SAND, JOHN, Boston, m. 7 July 1653,
Ann Holmes, had Elizabeth b. 15 Oct. 1654; and Mary, 24 Oct. 1656.

    SANDYS, HENRY, Boston, merch. adm. of the ch. with w. Sybil, 20
Dec. 1638, and on 6 Jan. foll. had d. bapt. Deliverance, wh. d. young;
but in Nov. foll. was with others dism. to form new ch. at Rowley;
freem. 7 Oct. 1640, when the clk. call. him Sand; had Samuel, b. 1640;
Deliverance, again, Aug. 1644; rem. back to B. and had John, 28 Aug.
1646, and d. Dec. 1651. His d. Mary d. 14 Oct. 1654.

    SANFORD, oft. SAMFORD, or SANDFORD, ANDREW, Hartford 1651,
freem. 1657, rem. to Milford 1667, and there d. 1684, leav. ch. Andrew;
Mary, wh. d. unm. 1689; Ezekiel; Martha; Elizabeth; Abigail;