Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p8


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Volume 3, Page 8

w. of Samuel Foster, and her s. Samuel, and his own kinsm. Samuel of
Groton. ROBERT, Dedham 1639, adm. with w. of the ch. that yr. as
was Esther on 6 Mar. 1646. SAMUEL, Billerica 1659, aft. prob. at
Andover, and at Groton, where the fam. widely extend. by w. Sarah had
Jonathan, b. 6 Apr. 1668; Mehitable, 4 Jan. 1673; and Bethia, 9 July
1683. WILLIAM, Duxbury, is call. in the custom ho. certif. from Southampton,
Apr. 1635, a serv. passeng. in the James, arr. at Boston, 3 June
foll. But I presume there is intentional carelessness in the number of
passeng. and as Thomas Thacher is not nam. this man's name may be
miscall.; had William; and d. Sept. 1641, leav. wid. Elizabeth admix.
WILLIAM, Dover 1664, of wh. no more is kn. WILLIAM, Duxbury, s.
of the first William, m. Patience, d. of Rev. Thomas Thacher.

    KEMPSTER, DANIEL, Cambridge, freem. 1647. Abigail, perhaps his
a. more prob. his w. d. 22 Oct. 1657. His will, of 27 Sept. 1665, pro.
2 Apr. 1667, names no w. nor ch.

    KEMPTHORNE, DANIEL, Cambridge, is in the list of credit. of James
Astwood "for keeping his sons," 1653. SIMON, Charlestown, perhaps
s. of Daniel, m. Mary, d. of Robert Long, had Sarah, b. 1656, wh. d.
21 Oct. 1671. Early in July 1656 he brot. from Barbados, as master of
the ship Swallow, two women, the first Quakers in this Col. for wh. he
was blam. by the Court-of Assist. and he d. a. 1657. His wid. d. 14
Jan. 1675.

    KEMPTON, EPHRAIM, Scituate, perhaps br. of Manasseh, is includ. in
the list of those able to bear arms, 1643, with Ephraim jr. but his name
is eras. bec. no doubt, he was too old or infirm, and he d. a May 1645.
We kn. not when he came, but it was after 1627, as may clearly be
infer. for he is not ment. in the div. of cattle that yr. EPHRAIM, Scituate,
prob. s. of the preced. b. in Eng. m. 28 Jan. 1646, Joanna Rawlins,
d. of Thomas, had Joanna, b. 29 Sept. 1647; Patience, 2 Oct. 1648, d.
soon; Ephraim, 1 Oct. 1649; Manasseh, 1 Jan. 1652; and d. 1655.
His wid. d. 31 Mar. next yr. Deane, 299, is deficient in dates.
EPHRAIM, Boston, gunsmith, prob. s. of the preced., had rem. bef.
1677 to Salem, but, perhaps, aft. hav. there, by w. Mary, d. of John
Reeves of S., Ephraim, b. 14 Nov. 1674; Kempton (if we can believe
Essex Inst. II. 25) but I suppose his name was John, 1 Feb. 1676;
and Samuel, 4 Mar. 1681; went to Plymouth late in life, and his s.
of the same name m. 2 June 1702, Patience, d. of famous Elder Faunce;
and his wid. is one of the instances, well authentica. (as very few are) of much
exceed. 100 yrs. of age. Her memory was accurate, if not happy, for she saw the
head of Philip, the gr. Ind. king, upon a pole at Plymouth, where it remain. over
twenty yrs. from his fall, and said, that a wren used to make her nest in the
skull, where she hatch. her young every yr. MANASSEH, Plymouth,
one of the "old comers," prob. in the Ann, 1623, tho. the name in the
div. of lds. is print. Faunce, stand. next to John F. but the infreq. bapt.
name encourages this conject. and in the div. of cattle, 1627, he had sh.
with Julian, his w. sis. of Gov. Bradford, wid. of George Morton; was