Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p60


Volume 3, Page 60

    LAVERS, GEORGE, and JACOB, Portsmouth 1683, petitioners to the
king against Gov. Cranfield that yr. Belkn. I. 473.

    LAW, ANDREW, Hingham 1604, had Joshua, Josiah, and Caleb, is by
Farmer erron. giv. I suppose, for Lane, wh. see. JOHN, Concord, m. 5
Mar. 1660, Lydia, d. of Roger Draper, had John, b. 1661; Thomas,
1663; Stephen, 1665; and Samuel. JONATHAN, Milford 1667, freem.
1669, perhaps only s. of Richard, m. Sarah, d. of George Clark, by
her had Jonathan, b. 6 Aug. 1674, H. C. 1695, wh. was Ch. Just. 16
yrs. and a disting. Gov. of Conn. LYMAN, Gravesend, L. I. 1650.
Thompson. RICHARD, Wethersfield 1638, may, therefore, have first
been at Watertown, m. Margaret, eldest d. of Thomas Kilbourne, had
Abigail, Jonathan, and Sarah, and prob. more ch.; rem. early to
Stamford, may have been rep. in New Haven Ct. certain. was, aft. the
union, in Conn. 1665, 6, 9, and 72. His d. Abigail m. Jonathan Sellick;
and Sarah m. John Sellick. WILLIAM, Rowley 1643. Pro. rec.
show that he was d. 1669, leav. w. Faith and four ch. Fifteen of this
name, oft. in old rec. hav. es final, had, in 1829, been gr. at the N. E.
coll. most at Yale.

    LAWES, FRANCIS, Salem, a weaver, b. at Norwich, Eng. emb. at Ipswich
8 Apr. arr. at Boston 20 June 1637, with w. Lydia, aged 49, one
ch. Mary, and two serv. Samuel Lincoln, 18; and Ann Smith, 19. He
was freem. 2 June 1641, and d. a. 1666. Mary, m. John Neal, and,
next, Andrew Mansfield. See Laurie.

    LAWRENCE, BENJAMIN, Charlestown, sec. s. of George of Watertown,
m. in Boston, 4 July 1689, Mary Clough, perhaps d. of John, had
John, bapt. 22 Nov. 1696; Abigail, 30 Oct. 1698; William, and Elizabeth
tw. 14 July 1700, both d. soon; Elizabeth again, 4 Oct. 1702; Benjamin, 10
Sept. 1704; and Mary, 28 Feb. 1707; but all these by sec. w. Ann,
wid. of Benjamin Phillips, wh. he m. 3 Feb. 1696, wh. d. 11 Jan. 1716,
aged only 37, says Bond, wh. is a strange error, for she bore her first ch.
to former h. above 36 yrs. bef. On 18th Nov. of the same yr. he took
third w. Ann, wid. of Nathaniel Adams, d. of Nathaniel Coolidge of
Watertown; and she d. 28 Dec. 1718, aged 47, so that 9 July foll. he
could take his fourth w. Elizabeth Bennett, wh. outliv. him, and he a. 26 Nov.
1738, aged 75. DANIEL, Charlestown, tw. br. of the preced. a painter,
m. 19 June 1689, Sarah, d. of Edward Counts, wh. prob. brot. him no
h. and d. in few yrs.; serv. in the army, and was in the garrison at
Brookfield tak. by the Ind. in the assault, 27 July 1693, but was recov.
got back to Charlestown, there by w. Hannah Mason, m. Nov. 1695, had
Daniel, bapt. 9 Aug. 1696; Samuel, 22 May 1698, at Mather's ch. in
Boston; Hannah, 26 Feb. 1700, at C.; Sarah, 29 Mar. 1702, d. soon;
Lydia, 30 Jan. 1704; and Sarah, again, 3 Feb. 1706. His w. d. 27
Aug. 1721, aged 56, and he m. 23 Aug. foll. Maud, d. of the Hon. James