Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p57


Volume 3, Page 57

of trouble, tho. so popular for a time that the people call. their
town aft. that from wh. he came, Northam, near Barnstable, in Devon;
but he went off in 1642, d. at home 1669, in 68th yr. His s. George,
bred at. Trinity Coll. Cambridge, was min. of Cockermouth, in Cumberland,
eject. 1662, d. 26 Dec. 1700, in 71st yr.

    LARKIN, EDWARD, Charlestown 1638, by w. Joan had John, b. 10
Mar. 1640, Sarah, 4 Sept. 1641; but ano. rec. says Elizabeth b. 5 Sept.,
Thomas, 18 Oct. 1644; and, I presume, Edward; certain. Sarah, again,
12 Mar. 1648; was freem. 13 May 1640, ar. co. 1644. He d. bef. mid.
life, prob. and the wid. m. John Pentecost; and she d. 27 Jan. 1686,
aged 70. EDWARD, Newport, in the list of freem. 1655, was rep.
1663. He was of Westerly, in the same Col. 1669; and by w. Elizabeth d.
of the first Henry Hall, had Edward and John, prob. also Roger, and
d. Hannah to dwell there ten yrs. later. EDWARD, Westerly, s. of the
preced. m. Mary, d. of Nicholas Cottrell, had Stephen, Nicholas,
David, Elizabeth Penelope, Tabitha, Edward, John, Samuel, and Lydia.
EDWARD, Charlestown, perhaps s. of the first Edward, m. 1 Nov.
1688, Mary Walker, had Edward, wh. d. 18 Nov. 1689; John, bapt.
7 Sept. 1690; Mary, 10 Sept. 1693; John, again, 17 Feb. 1635;
Edward, again, 13 Sept. 1696; Joanna, 19 Mar. 1699; and Samuel,
26 Oct. 1701. JOHN, Charlestown, perhaps br. of the first Edward,
by w. Joan had Hannah, b. 16 Mar. 1643, wh. m. 15 Feb. 1665,
John Newell, outliv. him, and d. 10 Dec. 1704
[1]. JOHN, Charlestown,
s. prob. of first Edward, m. 9 Nov. 1664, Joanna, d. of deac.
Robert Hale, had Joanna, wh. d. 3 June 1673; Edward, John, and
Robert, bapt. at once, 4 July 1675, of wh. Robert d. in few wks.;
Joanna, again, 12 Mar. 1676; Sarah, 2 Dec. 1677; and he d. 17 Feb.
1678. ROGER, Westerly, perhaps s. of the first Edward of the same,
m. Hannah, d. of the sec. James Babcock of the same; but I kn. no
more. THOMAS, Charlestown, s. of Edward, shoemak. m. 13 Sept.
1666, Hannah Remington, wh. d. 9 Nov. 1673, and 18 June foll. m.
Elizabeth d. of Francis Dowse, wid. of Samuel Miles, had Thomas, wh. d.
20 May 1676; and Thomas, again, bapt. 9 Sept. and d. 8 Nov. 1677;
and d. hims. 10 Dec. foll. of smallpox. Gladly would we receive better
notes of this very num. fam. If the stocks spring from Edward alone,
or not, is not kn. to me. At Salem, in 1668, was Mordecai, but unless
he be the same as Larcom, of him I hear nothing, exc. that he sign. that
yr. petit. against imposts.

    LARRABEE, BENJAMIN, Falmouth, s. of Isaac, a milit. man, recov.
the prop. of his f. wh. with his fam. had been forc. to fly from the war,
m. Deborah, d. of John Ingersoll, had Benjamin, b. 1700; and he d.
1733. See Willis, II. 27. GREENFIELD, Saybrook, had (by his w.