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Volume 3, Page 568

John R. in the ch. one generat. later than Nathaniel's f. blessed John
of Dedham, so strong a purit. as to give offence to Cromwell, wh.
imprison, him at Lambeth, and aft. at Windsor; but the religion of the
great soldier partook little of the fierce sincerity of Queen Mary, and he
was too sagacious, if not humane, to put the confessor to death. See
Brooks Lives III. 326. One John R. of our own days was min. at
Rendham, in Co. Suffk. not long since and may still be. NATHANIEL,
Ipswich, s. of the preced. serv. in the cavalry in Philip's war 1676, and
d. 14 June 1680, prob. unm. for the careful author of the Fam. Mem.
tells, that his nuncup. will gave his prop. to neph. John, s. of his br. John.
NATHANIEL, Portsmouth, youngest s. of Presid. John, ord. 3 May 1699,
d. 3 Oct 1723. He had by w. Sarah, eight ch. of wh. some attain.
distinct. as in Geneal. Reg. V. 325. NOAH, Branford, youngest s. of
John of the same, whose prop. he inherit. m. 8 Apr. 1673, Elizabeth d. of the
first Michael Taintor, had Mary, b. 14 Apr. 1675; John, 8 Nov. 1677;
Josiah, 31 Jan. 1680; Hezekiah; Noah; Elizabeth; and Ann; but the last
four names are obt. from his will of 22 Dec. 1724, wh. ment. all the
seven. OBADIAH, Southampton, L. I. 1673, where Thompson thinks he
was in 1640, wh. would compel us to suppose, that he rem. from Lynn,
to that place. In 1683, at the neighb. town of Southold are found Obadiah,
and Obadiah, jr. among the tax payers. PETER, Windsor, d. 13 June 1651,
as Stiles, 767, tells, but adds no more, subtract. final s. Of him, or John, or
Joseph, both of Salem, it would be good to learn the f. RICHARD, Dover
1642. ROBERT, Newbury, by w. Susanna had Robert, b. 28 Apr. 1650;
Thomas, 9 July 1652; John, 13 Mar. 1654; Susanna, 6 Feb. 1657;
Joshua, 1 Aug. 1658; and d. 23 Dec. 1659; and his wid. m. William
Thomas, SAMUEL, Ipswich, s. of Rev. Nathaniel, b. in Eng. prob. at
Assington, brot. in inf. was town clk. 1653, m. 12 Dec. 1657, Judith, d.
of the first Samuel Appleton, wh. d. July 1659; and he next m. 13
Nov. 1661, Sarah, d. of Jonathan Wade, had Sarah, wh. d. soon; John
d. soon; John, again, b. 29 Apr. 1667; Susanna, 17 Mar. 1669; Jonathan,
29 Mar. 1671; Mary, 10 Sept. 1672; Margaret, 29 Oct. 1675;
Elizabeth 1 Oct. 1678; Abigail, 5 July, 1681; and Sarah, 30 Sept. 1682;
and he d. 21 Dec. 1693. His wid. m. Henry Woodhouse of Concord.
In the geneal. of Nathaniel R's. s. Samuel, Geneal. Reg. V. 316, there
seem. sev. points of doubtful exactness, tho. the gr. article is a very
valua. one. One of the ds. should be call. Martha, for she admin. 1696,
the est. of her br. John. Samuel had charg. his prop. with annuity of
L10 to his wid. SAMUEL, New London, eldest s. of James the first, had
good est. by devise of his gr.-f. Samuel Rowland, m. 17 Nov. 1662, Caulkins
says, p. 297, but on p. 202 says 1664, Mary, d. of Thomas Stanton
the first, had perhaps a fam. tho. I find no ment. of it in the hist. but he
had d. Mary, wh. m. 2 Oct. 1684, Capt. Samuel Gilbert, and d. 30 Sept.
1756, aged 90; and he d. 1 Dec. 1713. SIMON, Boston, came in the