Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p539


Volume 3, Page 539

    RICHBELL or RIZBELL, JOHN, Charlestown 1648, merch. rem. bef.
1662, to Oyster Bay, L. I. He owned a planta. at the isl. of St. Chris
tophers. ROBERT, Oyster Bay, L. I. wh. may have been s. or br. of the
preced. was made by Conn. a commiss. (see 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. X. 86),
and is call. Col by Sewall, mark. his d. 22 July 1682, at Boston. Rev.
Noadiah Russell, in his Diary, calls him Maj. Rechtill from Barbadoes,
with income of £1,500 per an. and says his fun. was attend. by eight foot
companied of B.

then had a s. grown up; perhaps was of Brainford after.

    RICHMOND, EDWARD, Westerly, s. of the first John, purch. at Misquamicuk,
the most W. part of R. I. jurisdict. 1661, had in 1667 gr. at
E. Greenwich, near the centre of the Col. and Farmer thought he was
of Little Compton, the most E. town. JOHN, Taunton, one of the first
purchas. 1637, may be the same, wh. Folsom, 138, places in Maine.
He was not of T. so late as 1643, but perhaps in R. I. where I find him
1655, yet late in life went again to T. d. 20 Mar. 1664, aged a. 70.
Abstr. of his will made at T. 14 Dec. 1663, is in Geneal. Reg. VII. 180,
names s. John and Edward, ds. Mary, w. of William Paul, and Sarah,
w. of Edward Rew, and next, 4 Nov. 1678, James Walker, Edward,
s. of Edward, and Thomas, s. of John. Fam. tradit. brings this
John from Ashton Keynes, a parish of Wiltsh. 4 1/2 miles West from
Crichlade, where he was bapt. 1597. JOHN, Taunton, s. of the preced.
perhaps b. in Eng. had Mary, b. 2 June 1654 at Bridgewater, wh. m. 1
Jan. 1680, Richard Godfrey; John, 6 June 1656, also at B. wh. may
have d. bef. the will of his gr.f.; Thomas, at Newport, 2 Feb. 1659; Susanna,
at B. 4 Nov. 1661, wh. m. 18 Apr. 1683, James Read; Joseph,
or Josiah, 8 Dec. 1663, Edward, 8 Feb. 1666; Samuel, 23 Sept. 1668;
Sarah, 26 Feb. 1671; John, again, 5 Dec. 1673; Ebenezer, 12 May
1676; and Abigail, 26 Feb. 1679; all at T. exc. the last two wh. were
b. at Newport, and prob. Mary, wh. may have m. the sec. Richard Godfree;
and d. 7 Oct. 1715, aged 88. Abigail, prob. his wid. d. 1 Aug.
1727, aged 86. JOSEPH, Taunton, prob. s. of the preced. m. 26 June
1685, Mary Andrews. SAMUEL, Taunton, prob. s. of the preced. m.
20 Dec. 1694, Mehitable Andrews. THOMAS, Middleborough, br. of the
d. 14 Dec. 1705. Of this name, in old rec. sometimes Richmand,
two had been gr. in 1834 at Harv. and seven at other N. E. coll.

    RICHARD or RICKER or RICKET, GEORGE, Dover 1670, by w. Eleanor,
had Judith, b. 1 Feb. 1681; John, 1 Apr. 1682; Mary, 22 Mar.
1685; Maturin, 1 Feb. 1688; Elizabeth 8 Aug. 1690; Hannah, 12 May
1693; Ephraim, 15 Feb. 1696; Eleanor, 15 Feb. 1699; and George,
19 Feb. 1702. He was k. by the Ind. 4 July 1706. GILES, Plymouth,