Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p535


Volume 3, Page 535

Weymouth, wh. may be true, and yet not be what Deane thought, the
same as WILLIAM, Weymouth 1648, perhaps br. of Thomas of the same
by w. Grace, had William; James b. 1658; John; Joseph; and Benjamin,
of wh. this youngest was b. 19 May 1660, all nam. with w. Grace,
in his will of 18 June 1680, pro. 23 July 1682. WILLIAM, Weymouth,
prob. s. of the preced. as freem. 1681. Of this name seen had been
in 1834, gr. at Yale, two at Harv. and ten at other N. E. Coll.

    RICHARDSON, RICHASON or RICHESON often in old rec. AMOS,
Boston, merch. tailor, perhaps one of that gr. London guild, by w. Mary, had
John bapt. 26 Dec. 1647, H. C. 1666; Amos, 20 Jan. 1650, in right of their
mo.; Stephen, b. 14 June 1652; Catharine, 6 Jan. 1665; Sarah, 19 July
1657; Samuel, 18 Feb. 1660; freem. 1665, rem. next yr. to Stonington,
of wh. he was rep. 1676 and 7, and there d. 5 Aug. 1683. His w.
Mary liv. but few weeks after him. Beside those s. he had ds. Mary,
m. June 1663, Jonathan Gatline, or Gatliffe, of Braintree, and Prudence,
many yrs. younger, m. 15 Mar. 1683, Jonathan, and next 17
Mar. 1703, Elnathan Miner. He had been agent of Stephen Winthrop and
was after of Gov. John, his br. was of gr. enterprise, and good est. one of
the purchas. with Winthrop Atherton, Hudson, and others of the Narraganset
lds. on wh. he first sett. at Westerly, and when the claim of
Conn. was subject. to R. I. jurisdict. he crossed over to S. A good
letter from him to Fitz John Winthrop, at Cardross in Scotland, writ. 13
Sept. 1659, sign. Amos Richerson, as often the name is in rec. was giv.
me. CALEB, Newbury, s. of Edward of the same, m. 31 July 1682,
Mary Ladd, had Ruth b. 1 Mar. 1683; and Mary, 12 Jan. 1685.
EBENEZER, Waterbury, youngest s. of Thomas of the same, m. Margaret,
d. of Thomas Warner, and Bronson, wh. says, he d. 30 June 1772, tells no
more. EDWARD, Newbury, had Edward, b. 1 Dec. 1649; Caleb, 18 Aug.
1652; Ruth, 23 Nov. 1655; Moses, 4 Apr. 1658; and Mary, 2 Sept.
1660; and he d. 14 Nov. 1685, as Coffin tells, who adds that ano. Edward
R. d. there, 25 Mar. 1655; but he does not inform us, whether this
were ch. or adult. One was 61 yrs. in 1678. EDWARD, Newbury, s. of
the preced. m. 28 Oct. 1673, Ann, prob. d. of Christopher Bartlett, had
Mary, b. says Coffin, 25 Oct. 1673, d. young; Edward, 2 Sept. 1674;
Mary, again, 25 Aug. 1676; Moses, 22 Jan. 1680; and Margaret, 7
July 1682; and he d. as in Coffin, 14 Nov. foll. But there was an
Edward of Rowley, a serg. in 1691. EZEKIEL, Charlestown 1630,
came prob. in the fleet of Winthrop with w. Susanna. They belong. to the
ch. of Boston, and were dism. with others, 1 Oct. 1632, to establish a
ch. at C. freem. 18 May 1631, by the Court appoint. 1633, constable,
and by the peop. rep. 1635, with many of his townsmen unit. in remonstrance
against the Act of the governm. towards Wheelwright, in 1637,
and, his heart failing him, in Nov. express. his contrit. and had his name
crossed over. In 1640, when a selectman, he favor sett. at Woburn, and