Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p480


Volume 3, Page 480

Thomas the first, m. 20 Mar. 1676, Sarah, d. of Thomas Stanton, had
Thomas, b. 13 Jan. 1677; Grace; Samuel, a. 1680; and John, 1682,
H. C. 1700, the min. of Lancaster; was freem. 1680, and d. 1684. His
m. William Denison of Stonington. THOMAS, Newton, s. of
Thomas the sec. by w. Elizabeth had John, b. Mar. 1692; Rebecca, 2 Dec.
1693; Thomas; and Ebenezer, 1706, and d. 11 Dec. 1724. VALENTINE,
Roxbury, came in 1631, prob. with Eliot in the Lion, bring. w.
Alice and s. John, hav. bur. one ch. at sea, as the ch. rec. tells, was
freem. 7 Aug. 1632, perhaps had one ch. b. here, but d. prob. bef. the
end of next yr. for the town rec. has it, that she m. 3 Apr. 1634, John
Watson. One Alice P. wh. possib. was d. of his, d. at Concord, 8 Mar.
1644. Ellis, in his Hist. of R. quotes from the ch. rec. the ment. of his
sufferings and d. closing with a clause that proves how variously our
ancient MS. may read, "leaving a good cup of gentleness behind
him," when my version of the words in Italic is "Savor of Godliness."
VALENTINE, Woodbury, youngest s. of John of New London,
m. Abigail, d. of the sec. Zechariah Walker, had John, bapt. Oct. 1710,
d. at 5 yrs.; Esther, b. 16 May 1712, d. young; Joseph, 20 Jan. 1715;
Esther, again, 2 May 1717; John, again, 1 Nov. 1719; Thomas, 9 May
1722, d. soon; Thomas, again, d. at 21 yrs.; Christopher, 13 Apr.
1726; Abigail, bapt. 17 Nov. 1728; and Patience, b. 7 July 1731. A
portion of the descend. of Henry, change the two last letters for ss, but
the distinct. was not, for the first hundred yrs. uniform, and Valentine's
progeny always used these. In both forms, nineteen had been gr. in
1834 at Harv. four at Yale, and five at other N. E. coll. and of ten
clerg. eight were of Harv. two of Yale.

    PRESBURY, JOHN, Sandwich 1643, was bur. 19 May 1648. JOHN,
Saco, in 1670 was constable there, d. 1679, leav. only ch. Nathaniel.

    PRESCOTT, JAMES, Hampton, by w. Mary, d. of Nathaniel Boulter,
had Joshua, b. 1 Mar. 1669; James, 1 Sept. 1671; Rebecca, 15 Apr.
1673; Jonathan, 6 Aug. 1675; Mary, 11 June 1677; Abigail and Temperance,
tw. 1 Sept. 1679; John, 19 Nov. 1681; and Nathaniel, 1683.
Rebecca m. 3 Dec. 1691, Nathaniel Sanborn; Mary m. 2 Nov. 1699,
Jabez Colman; and Abigail m. Richard Bounds. Descend. in N. H.
are num. He took the o. of alleg. 1678. JAMES, Hampton, sec. s. of
the preced. m. 6 Mar. 1695, Mary, d. of William Marston, had Jeremiah,
b. 8 Dec. 1695; Samuel, 14 Mar. 1697; Elisha, 18 Mar. 1699;
Sarah, 20 Jan. 1701; Lucy, 6 Feb. 1703; Ebenezer, 3 Feb. 1705;
James, 12 Dec. 1708; and Rebecca, 27 Feb. 1711. He took 2d w. 17
June 1746, wid. Abigail Sanborn. JOHN, Lancaster, blacksmith, came,
a. 1640, as is said with w. Mary Platts (a Yorksh. girl, while he was b.
in Lancash. but liv. at Sowerby in the parish of Halifax in the W.