Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p454


Volume 3, Page 454

own assent, to John Read of Braintree, rem. to Hartford 1662, freem.
1663, d. or rem. bef. 1669

    PONTUS, WILLIAM, Plymouth 1633, in 1643 not in the list of those
able to bear arms, i. e. under the age of 60, d. 9 Feb. 1653, have. made
his will 9 Sept. 1650, leav. two chl. only, with very small est. Mary
wh. had m. 31 Oct. 1645, James Glass, and next, 1657, Philip Delano;
and Hannah, wh. had m. 18 Dec. 1644, John Churchill, and next, 25 June
1669, Giles Rickard, and d. 22 Dec. 1690.

    POOLE, POOL or POLE, BENJAMIN, Weymouth, s. of Edward, was
a soldier on Conn. riv. in Philip's war, 1676, and of him I hear no more.
EDWARD, Newport 1638, prob. was of Weymouth most of his days, had
Samuel, Isaac, Joseph, Benjamin, John, Sarah, and Jacob, nam. in this
order in his will of 22 Aug. 1664, of wh. his w. was Extrix. pro. 16 Sept.
foll. of wh. other three last were minors, and prob. Samuel the eldest. See
Geneal. Reg. XII. 12 and 13. The w.'s name is not seen. ELIZABETH,
Taunton 1637, the chief cause of build. at T. was maiden sis.
of William, and elder than him, of a good fam. in heraldry, as well as
religion, may be regard. as one of the most decid. proofs of the deep
roots that puritanism had attain. in Eng. She d. 21 May 1654, aged 65.
hav. made her will four days bef. in wh. John, eldest s. of her br.
was nam. Excor. Abstr. of it is in Geneal. Reg. V. 262. See Winthrop I. 252.
HENRY, Boston, d. 14 Sept. 1643; may have been inf. ISAAC,
Weymouth, s. of Edward, by w. Elishama had Margeret, b. 24 Aug.
1669; and perhaps others not on rec. or he may have rem. JOHN,
Cambridge 1632, went to Lynn bef. 1638, when he had there 200 acres,
and last of Reading, where his w. Margaret d. 29 Apr. 1662, and he d.
1 Apr. 1667. His will of 14 Feb. preced. made Jonathan his s. Excor.
names other ch. Mary, and her h. Matthew Edwards, and her ch. Mary,
Sarah, and Elizabeth also s.-in-law, William Barrett, whose w. Sarah (d. not
of testat. but of Richard Champney) was d. also her ch. John and
Lydia; also John, Sarah, and Mary P. wh. I presume to be ch. of his s.
Jonathan; and lastly br. Armitage, and his three s. sis. Armitage
and cous. Godfrey Armitage, and his w. and two ch. beside Mr.
Dane of Andover, and his w. whose relationship is less appar. JOHN,
Boston 1670, s. of William, merch. freem. 1673, with prefix of respect.
was disting. says Baylis I. 287, as an officer in Philip's war, yet possib.
by that author mistake. for the Reading gent. He m. 28 Mar. 1672,
Elizabeth d. of Gov. Brenton, not Benton, as in Geneal. Reg. V. 402. His
w. was bapt. as the O. S. ch. rec. shows "at a ch. meeting at her ho." a
very uncommon favor, if not unexampl. bef. that, in our country, and
John, Elizabeth and Courtney, his and her ch. were bapt. some days aft.;
William, 11 Jan. 1680; and Jane, 12 Nov. 1682. Bef. that time no ch.