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Volume 3, Page 445

and d. 1684 or 5; had prob. brot. from Eng. Mary, John, Isaac, and
Sarah, and at M. had bapt. Epenetus, prob. 12 July 1640; Hannah, 1
Oct. 1643; Josiah, 1645; Joseph, 1649; and his w. Mary d. or was bur.
24 Jan. 1676. In his will of 4 Aug. 1683 he names all the s. beside
childr. of Mary his d. by her sec. h. Thomas Wetmore; of Sarah, by
two hs. Thomas Beach, and Miles Merwin, both of these ds. being
d. also Hannah, w. of Christopher Comstock. Decent est. was
seen in the inv. 13 Feb. foll. Mary m. 1 May 1651, Luke
Atkinson of New Haven
, and next, 3 Jan. 1667, T. W. Six of the
name were liv. there. * SAMUEL, Rowley, rep. 1681, perhaps the
freem. of 1684, prob. had fam. SAMUEL, Rowley, perhaps s. of the
preced. was town clk. 19 yrs. and d. 24 Mar. 1726. SAMUEL, Norwalk,
s. of deac. John, m. 18 June, 1712, Rebecca, d. of Samuel Benedict of
, had Rebecca, b. 9 Apr. foll. and he d. 4 Dec. 1713. THOMAS,
Boston 1669, a butcher. Oft. the name is found with final s and sometimes
is writ. Plott.

    PLATTS. JAMES. See Platt.

    PLAYES. ENOUCH. Wickford 1674.

    PLIMPTON. See Plympton.

    PLOTT, JOSIAH, Milford 1671, as print. in Trumbull, Col. Rec. II. I
think maybe s. of Richard Platt.

    PLUMBE or PLUM, * JOHN, Dorchester, rem. to Wethersfield bef. Sept.
1636, and bef. deputs. to Gen. Ct. were introd. In Conn. was a sort of
ruler in 1637, rep. 1641, 2, and 3, had Samuel, and Dorcas, wh. mo. 12
Jan.1655, John Lyman, was nomina. 1643 for elect. as Assist. but did not
succeed, in the choice, made custom-ho. officer 1644, sold his est. and rem.
to Branford bef. 1646, and there d. His will was pro. 1 Aug. 1648. Yet
is it not kn. where he first land. in our country, or whence he came. Perhaps
he was f. of JOHN, New London, b. a. 1621, where aft. 1665 he seems
much connect. tho. prob. liv. at Hartford, a mariner wh. traded up and
down the riv. freem. 1669, yet bef. 1677 establ. at N. E. where he had
Mercy, bapt. 1677; George, 1679; and Sarah, 1682. Miss Caulkins is
confid. that he had elder ch. John, Samuel, of wh. one thinks he was b.
1659, Joseph, and Greene. His w. ws fin. 1671 for sale of liquor to
Ind. but at N. L. he was constable 1680, and an innhold. and d. 1696.
John, Samuel, and Joseph, were at Milford, but John came back to N. L.
and was deac. many yrs. says Caulkins, wh. sends George to Stonington.
JOHN, Milford, s. of Robert, m. 24 Nov. 1668, Elizabeth Norton, had Elizabeth
b. 1669; John, 1671; and Mary, 1673; prob. more, for in 1676 and some yrs.
aft. rec. of b. is want. He was a man of distinct. One JOHN
was a soldier in Lothrop's comp. k. by the Ind. at Deerfield, 18 Sept.
1675; but ano. JOHN, Dorchester, is only ment. as partak. of bounty to
the poor in 1680. See Hist. of D. 239. But prob. he had long liv. there,
and had d. Waiting, b. 14 Nov. 1657. JOSEPH, New London, s. of John