Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p438


Volume 3, Page 438

aft. 1653, certain, was at East Chester, 1665. His s. John liv. there
1690, and perhaps he had other ch. beside Abigail, wh. m. David

    PINDAR, PINDER, PYNDER or PINTER, HENRY, Ipswich 1642, perhaps
was f. of Mary, who. m. 21 Mar. 1643, Solomon Martin, and of
Joanna, wh. m. 14 Nov. 1643, Valentine Rowell. He had come prob.
as early as 1635 at least, for in that yr. emb. at London, in the Susan
and Ellen, to come hither, were Mary, aged 53, with six ch.; Francis,
20; Mary, 17, Joanna, 14; Ann, 12; Catharine, 10; and John, 8.
JOHN, Ipswich 1648, may have been s. of the preced. m. a. d. of Theophilus
Wilson, and had s. Thomas; and perhaps rem. to Watertown,
there d. 14 Apr. 1662. SAMUEL, Ipswich 1683.

* MOSES, Ipswich 1642, perhaps br. of the preced. a saltmaker, m. Abigail,
d. of the first Robert Clement, was rep. 1665, and deac. d. 1695, aged
prob. 85 yrs. JOHN, prob. s. of Aaron or Moses, took lease of the sch.
farm in 1680, m. Faith, perhaps d. of the first Joseph Jewett.

    PINTON, NICHOLAS, Lynn 1647, perhaps worked at the iron mine,
rem. to New Haven, there wrought at the iron works, by w. Elizabeth wh. d.
1667, had Ruth, Hannah, Mary, Thomas, and Robert; and d. Apr. 1676.
His inv. amount, only to L43; but that was a season of extreme depresssion.
The spelling is Dodd's, but Sylvester Judd read the rec.
Pineon. Ruth m. at Lynn, 28 Dec. 1657, James Moore. ROBERT,
Lynn 1647, may have been s. of the preced. THOMAS, Sudbury 1661,
may have been s. of Nicholas, sett. at New Haven, by w. Mercy had Christiana,
Mercy, and Abigail, and Experience; and d. 10 Oct. 1710. Doubts as to this
name have been express. in Conn. for it might easily be read Pineon, or
Pineo, and the sound of either is not much unlike the others, it is said,
and was seldom uttered in public.

    PINKHAM, JOHN, Dover 1665, s. of Richard, in 1671 had gr. from his
f. of most of his prop. on condit. of support. him for life, and m. Rose,
d. of the first Richard Otis, had Richard, Thomas, Amos, Otis, Solomon,
James, Rose, Elizabeth, Sarah, and John; 7 s. 3 ds. RICHARD, Dover
1648, hr. to call the people to ch. by beat. the drum. RICHARD,
Dover, s. of the preced. m. Elizabeth d. of Thomas Layton the sec. had
Richard, Tristram, and John, the last b. 19 Aug. 1696. RICHARD,
Nantucket, said to have come from Isle of Wight, had Jonathan, b.
12 Nov. 1684; Shubael, 7 June 1691; Nathaniel, 22 Jan. 1693;
Deborah, 28 Feb. 1695; Daniel. 8 Dec. 1697; Barnabas, 3 Jan.
1700; Peleg, 5 Feb. 1702; Theophilus, 14 Mar. 1706; and James,
19 Feb. 1708; but the same of w. is not seen in Geneal. Reg. VII.
263. She was Mary, d. of Hon. James Coffin. THOMAS, Dover
1665, perhaps br. of John.

    PINNEY, PYNNY, HUMPHREY, Dorchester, b. in Somertsh. came, as