Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p43


Volume 3, Page 43

Wenham, perhaps younger br. of the preced. freem. 1680. THOMAS, Ipswich
1643, br. of the first John, m. 24 Nov. 1668, Hannah Green, was deac. and
prison-keep. d. 3 Apr. 1692, aged 70. He m. for sec. w. 17 May 1682, as is
said, Mary Kimball. WILLIAM, Hingham 1635, was, Felt thot. the bricklayer, wh.
d. at Ipswich 1644, found. of a respecta. fam. and in my opin. the Hingham name,
giv. Nolton, by Lincoln, means, that same Norton, wh. was of Ipswich. WILLIAM,
Ipswich 1669, perhaps s. of the preced.

    KNOX, JOHN, Watertown, by w. Hannah had Sarah, bapt., 26 Dec.
1686; John, 3 Feb. 1689; and James, 17 May 1690.

    KOLDOM, the older spell. of Coldham, wh. see.

    KOSTLO, JOHN, by w. Sarah had Sarah, b. 8 Mar. 1663; and
John, 6 Aug. 1666.

    KOWDALE, EDWARD. See Cowdall.

    LACOCK, LAWRENCE, Boston 1644, ship carpenter, had w. Alice.

    LACY, LAWRENCE, Andover, had Lawrence, b. 1683. Abbot, 39.
He was "the first person she afflict." as poor Elizabeth Johnson was driv. to
confess. in the sad delus. of 1692. MORGAN, Saco a. 1660.

    LADD, DANIEL, Ipswich, came in the Mary and John, 1634, by
tradit. call. s. of Nathaniel, was one of the first townsmen of Salisbury,
a. 1639, but, perhaps, not long there, and bec. perman. inhab. of Haverhill
aft. b. of one or two ch. By w. Ann he had Elizabeth b. 11 Dec. 1640;
Daniel, 26 Sept. 1642; Lydia, 8 June 1645; the three being on rec. at
S.; Mary, 14 Feb. 1647; Nathaniel, 10 Mar. 1602; Ezekiel, 16 Sept.
1654; and Sarah, 4 Nov. 1657. Both he and his w. were liv. 1678.
Elizabeth m. at Haverhill, 14 May 1663, Nathaniel Smith. Part of the
fam. tradit. that Nathaniel, f. of Daniel was from Dartmouth, in Devon,
may be reasona. eno. at least it bears no inherent improb. as the more
fondly desir. clause of the story does, that he was one of the first comers
to Plymouth; for that phrase belongs only to those wh. arr. in the yrs.
1620, 1, and 3, of wh. was no Ladd; and minute inquiry even shows,
there was nobody in either of the three passeng. lists with that bapt.
name. DANIEL, Haverhill, eldest s. of the preced. m. 24 Nov. 1668,
Lydia Singletary, was rep. 1693, and 4. EZEKIAL, Haverhill, br. of the
took o. of fidel. 28 Nov. 1677. JOHN, m. at Woburn, 12 June
1678, Elizabeth Fifield. JOSEPH, Portsmouth, R. I. whose will of 1669
names ch. Joseph, William, Daniel, Mary, and Sarah. NATHANIEL,
Exeter, s. of the first Daniel, erron. said to be from Scotland, or Devonshire
(perhaps tradit. thot. these adjoin. towns), m. 1678, Elizabeth Gilman,
was mort. wound. 11 Aug. 1691 at Maquoit, left w. and seven ch . His
gr.s. capt. Daniel fell in bat. with the Ind. 12 Aug. 1746 at Concord,
N. H. SAMUEL, Ipswich, s. of the first Daniel, m. a d. of George

    LAHORNE, ROWLAND, Plymouth 1636, Charlestown 1649, had w.