Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p408


Volume 3, Page 408

Humphrey Pinney, had no ch. by either, and d. 1682. He adopt. for s. Samuel
Wilson, neph. of his w. and gave his prop. to him. WILLIAM, Boston,
mariner, whose first w. is unkn. but for sec. w. he m. Jane, wid. of Henry
Butterfield, wh. have. power of dispos. gave her est. by will of 10
Feb. 1692, to him for life, remain. to John and William P. s. of her
present h. so that it may be infer. that she had no ch. by either of her
hs. WILLIAM, Northampton, s. of deac. Nathaniel, m. 30 May 1678,
Abigail, d. of John Stebbins, had Abigail, b. Aug. 1679; Elizabeth 4 Feb.
1682; William, Apr. 1684; Mary, 3 June 1688; Nathaniel, 5 oct.
1690; Deborah, 17 Mar. 1694; Ebenezer, 1697; Joseph, 5 Dec. 1699;
and Mercy, 4 Mar. 1703. He was freem. 1690, and d. 1 June 1745, and
his wid. d. Dec. 1743, ea. aged 88. Nineteen of this name had, in 1834,
been gr. at yale, four at Harv. and three at other N. E. coll.

    PHENIX, ALEXANDER, Wickford 1674.

    PHESE or PHESEY, SAMUEL, a soldier from the E. part of the Col.
in Mar. 1676, sent up to Conn. river, in the Ind. war, was prob. from
Braintree, and s. of William. WILLIAM, Braintree, or possib. Watertown,
freem. 10 May 1643, may be indebted to a careless clk. for this
spelling of a name, that I should prob. write Veazie, with confidence.

1644, prob. s. of Thomas, was first perhaps at Watertown, had w. Ann,
d. of Thomas Roberts of Dover, and by her had Bethia, wh. m. 24 Apr.
1677, Caleb Perkins; James; and perhaps others; was perhaps a mariner,
and drown, 1 Nov. 1674. JAMES, Hampton, s. of the preced. m.
1 Dec. 1674, Hannah, d. of Isaac Perkins, had Joseph, b. 1693; and
prob. more ch. JOHN, Hampton 1639, wh. may have been br. of the
first James,had Hannah, Sarah, John, but dates are not seen; was lost
20 Oct. 1657, with seven others, of wh. were his w. Ann, and d. Sarah,
in a boat going out of the harb. JOHN, Hampton, s. of the perced. perhaps,
b. a. 1624, was liv. 1697, perhaps at Greenland, and was f. of Elias.
JONATHAN, Hampton, prob. s. of Thomas, took o. of alleg. and fidel.
1678. JOSEPH, Hampton, perhaps br. of James the sec. had Joseph, b.
14 Dec. 1686, d. soon; prob. Joseph, again, and perhaps more. ROBERT,
Ipswich 1639, perhaps earlier, was a soldier in the Pequot war,
1636, but after 1648 may have rem. the town rec. has Filbrick. SAMUEL,
Hampton 1678, was prob. s. of Thomas the first, and ano. Samuel,
the same yr. took o. of alleg. there. THOMAS, Watertown 1636, where
the rec. gives the spell, Filbrick, rem. early to Hampton, sold his est. at
W. 1646, had may ch. that he brot. from Eng. by w. Ann, d. of William
Knapp, but none prob. b. here, d. 1667. his will of Mar. 1664 calls
hims. very aged, ment. s. James, gr.s. John, s. Thomas, ds. Elizabeth Garland,
Hannah, Mary, and Martha, gr. childr. James Chase, and Martha, w. of
John Cass. his d. Elizabeth prob.the eldest, had bef. 1643, m. Thomas