Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p404


Volume 3, Page 404

1670, Abraham Adams. SAMUEL, Newbury, s. of the preced. m. 16
Feb. 1674, Sarah Poor, perhaps d. of John, had Samuel b. 3 Feb. 1676;
Richard, 26 Aug. 1677, d. soon; Richard, again, 24 Jan. 1679; John,
20 Sept. 1680; Mary and Sarah, tw. 20 Jan. 1686; Joanna, 10 Feb.
1689; and Benjamin, 18 Dec. 1692.

    PETTES or PETTIT, GILBERT, Salem 1668. JOHN, Roxbury 1639,
of wh. Mr. Ellis in his Hist. says nothing, but the name occurs, yet with
fam. of sev. heads, rem. prob. to Stamford, or Long Island, where I find
at Newtown, Thomas, in 1660; Nathaniel, 1667; and John, in 1686.
Yet it may well be that his s. John, wh. m. Sarah, d. of Daniel Scofield,
was of Stamford 1669. THOMAS, Exeter 1639, a signer of the orig.
combina. in 1647 was the chief milit. man.

    PETTS, JOHN, a soldier k. by the Ind. 19 Oct. 1675, at Hatfield.

    PETTY or PETTEE, JOHN, Springfield, had liv. at Windsor, but m. at
Boston 30 Mar. 1662, Ann Canning, had at W. James, b. same yr.; and
at S. Hannah, 1666, d. soon; John, 1667; Mary, 1670; Joseph, 1672;
Ann, 1675; and Ebenezer, 1678; and d. 8 Mar. 1680. His wid. m.
Samuel Owen. James and John ea. had fams. at S. JOSEPH, Deerfield,
s. of the preced. was with w. tak. by the Ind. and Fr. 29 Feb.
1704, carr. to Canada, safe got back next yr. and Northfield,
where the name in bec. very common. PETER, sail. from Salem on
fishing voyage, k. by the Ind. in the autumn of 1677. Felt II. 213.
PETER, Haverhill 1680. Mirick, 85. It maybe the same name as Pattee,
wh. is seen in New Hampsh.

    PETYGOOD or PETGOOD, PETER, Marblehead 1641. RICHARD, Ipswich

    PEVERLY, JOHN, Portsmouth, one of the men sent over, 1631, by the Mason,
the Patentee. THOMAS, Portsmouth, perhaps s. of the preced. d.
aft. 1670, leav. by w. wh. may have been a d. of Thomas Walford, s.
John, Thomas, lazarus, Samuel, and Jeremiah.

    PHELPS, ABRAHAM, Windsor, s. of George, liv. with his uncle, Abraham
, wh. had no ch. and gave him his est. was freem. 1668, m.
6 July 1665, Mary, d. of Humphrey Pinney, had Abraham, b. 6 Mar.
1666; Isaac, 5 Aug. 1673; Benjamin, 1 Oct. 1683; and perhaps others;
his w. d. 2 July 1725, aged above 81; and he d. 28 Jan. 1728,
aged 85. CHRISTOPHER, Salem, m. 9 July 1658, Elizabeth Sharp, and I kn.
no more, but that he sign. petitn. against imposts 1668. EDWARD, Newbury,
rem. to Andover, by w. Elizabeth d. of Robert Adams, had, beside others,
John, b. at N. 15 Dec. 1657, wh. was k. by the Ind. on serv. at Scarborough,
29 June 1677; and he d. 3 oct. 1689,. EDWARD, Andover,
pro. s. of the preced. m. 9 Mar. 1682, Ruth Andrews, had prob. others
beside Edward and Bathsheba, wh. d. 24 Feb. 1694; and Elizabeth b. 27