Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p401

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Volume 3, Page 401

Dec. 1678, Mary Miller, had Mehitable, b. 30 Apr. 1680; Jaciel, 6
May 1682; m. 9 May 1690, Mary, d. of Henry Tucker of Sandwich, as
I read in tho. friends' rec. at N. tho. fam. genal. calls her of Dartmouth,
had James; Edward; Samuel, b. 1695; Simon; and Benjamin; and d. at
Kingston 1716. Benjamin was gr. gr.f. of the disting. commodore O. H.
P. SETH, Boston, s. of Arthur, a tailor, freem. 1666. THOMAS, Scituate
1643, m. Sarah, d. of Isaac Stedman,[1] had Thomas, William, Henry, Joseph,
John, and perhaps more. THOMAS, Ipswich 1648. THOMAS,
Scituate, s. of Thomas, m. 1678, Susanna, d. of John Whiston, had Thomas;
James, 12 Mar. 1673 or 4; John; and David. WILLIAM, Scituate
1638, perhaps br. of the first Thomas, may have rem. t Watertown
1640, by w. Ann had Elizabeth b. 12 Aug. 1651; and sev. more ch. of wh.
he names five others in his will made a. 1681, when 75 yrs. old, pro. 3
Oct. 1683, Obadiah, Samuel, Sarah, Ann, and Abia. He d. 9 Sept.
1683. Abia m. 3 Jan. 1674, William Bull. Farmer thot. him to be
the freem. of 1646, spelt Pary; and for that opinion I see good ground.
WILLIAM, Scituate, s. of the first Thomas, m. 1681, Elizabeth Lobdell, and
had twelve ch. says Deane. Of this name seven at Yale, five at Harv.
and fourteen at other N. E. coll. had been gr. in 1834, by Farmer's count.

    PERSON, GEORGE, Reading, d. 17 Apr. 1679, as Eaton cites the
gr.-st. aged 64. See Parsons. JOHN, Lynn, prob. s. of the preced.[2] by
w. Tabitha, had James, b. 28 Nov. 1680; Tabitha; John; Rebecca;
Kendall; Susanna; Mary; Thomas; Ebenezer; Sarah; and Abigail;
as they are rank. by Lewis.

    PERWIDGE or PERWYDGE, WILLIAM, an odd name, found 1644, at
Hartford or the neighb.

    PESTER or PESTOR, WILLIAM, Salem 1637, when with gr. of ld.
he had the prefix of respect, yet abandon, the country in 1642 and 10
yrs. later not being heard of, his w. Dorothy had leave to m. again.

    PETCOCK. See Pidcock.

    PETERS, ANDREW, Boston 1659, a distiller, m. Mercy, wid. of Michael
Wilborne, d. of William Beamsley, rem. to Ipswich 1665, thence to Andover,
where, 14 Aug. 1689, his s. Andrew and John, were k. by the Ind.
and other ch. were Mercy, wh. m. 22 May 1686, John Allen; Mary, wh. m.
on the same day, Thomas Chandler; and Elizabeth wh. m. 26 Apr. 1692, James
Johnson; William; and Samuel; and he d. at the age of 77. Curious
it must appear to this later generat. that his name, in one deed, is Peters,
and in ano. relat. to the same est. it is writ. Peterson. ANDREW, Andover,
s. of the preced. m. 8 Feb. 1686, Eliz prob. d. of Thomas Farnham,
may have been issue, but early was k. by the Ind. Rev. Andrew,
H. C. 1723, min. of Middletown, wh. d. 1756, may have been gr.s.
GILBERT, Salem 1669, mariner, m. 14 Sept. of this yr. Elizabeth eldest d.
of Edward Hilliard of the same, had Richard, b. 12 Jan. 1671; William, 19
June 1673; and John, 14 Mar. 1676. HUGH, Salem, the fourth min. there,