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Volume 3, Page 384

the same, was rep. 1689, at Plymouth, and 11692, under new chart. as Boston.
He had w. Sarah, wh. was bur. 27 oct. 1673; and he m. 21 Nov.
1677, Rebecca Hunt, wid. of Peter, d. of sec Stephen Pain of R. had
Noah, b. 21 Aug; 1678; d. Jael, 14 June 1680, bur. next mo.; Rebecca,
22 Oct. 1681, d. next yr.; beside Judith, wh. was bur. 20 Feb. 1682. SIMON,
Hingham 1657, perhaps s. of Robert, m. Hannah, d. of Joseph Farnsworth,
had Joseph, wh. prob. d. young; and she d. 16 Apr. 1659. He
m. 1 Feb. 1661, Prudence, d. of Edward Clap of Dorchester, had Joseph,
again, perhaps bapt. 15 Feb. 1663, and d. young; John, b. 20 Apr.
1667; Sarah, 4 June 1669; and Joseph, again, 2 July 1670, prob. d. in
few days. His name is misprint. Peke in the Sumner Geneal. Geneal.
Reg. VIII. THOMAS, Boston 1652, shipwright, constable 1673, by
w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. 19 Jan. 1653; Rachel, 21 Jan. 1655; and Joseph,
11 Feb. 1656; beside THOMAS, elder than either, wh. was a shipwright
aft. his f. Possib. John, who was a skilful shipbuild. f. of the late emin.
naturalist, William D. Peck, H. C. 1782, of wh. good memoir is found
in 2 Mass. Hist. Coll. X. 161, may have been of this fam. WILLIAM,
New Haven, a merch. from London, b. 1601, with w. Elizabeth and s. Jeremiah,
came prob. in the Hector, as company, with Govs. Eaton and Hopkins,
Rev. John Davenport, and the s. of the Earl of Marlborough, arr.
at Boston 26 June 1637, was one of the first compact for N. H. in june
1639, an orig. propr. freem. 29 oct. 1640, deac. from 1659 to his d. had
John; Joseph, bapt. 17 Jan. 1641; and Elizabeth 7 May 1643, not 6, as pr.
in Geneal. Reg. IX. 262, for that was Saturday. The harvest of blunders
in that list of bapt. is not chargeab. to the very careful transcr.
Henry White, Esq. but I fear the names assing. for parents by conject.
in that docum. may sometimes be erron, as in this instance, for the ch.
Eleazar and 2d Elizabeth are neither in fam. geneal. allow. to the deac. His
w. d. 5 dec. 1683, on a visit to her s. at Lyme, and he m. Sarah, wid. of
William Holt, and d. 4 oct. 1694. his is still to be seen in the
cemet. By the rec. of Lyme (where he d. at the ho. of his s. Joseph)
the age is 83; but New Haven says, at the reput. age of 90. As a gen.
rule, the shorter term of a prolong, life, where two or more dates are
report. must be prefer. but, in this instance, to ascertain the exact truth
we may safe. presume, that the s. of whose ho. the f. d. wrote the acco.
and the greater number may be adopt. The only d. his youngest ch.
Elizabeth m. 1661, Samuel Andrews. In his will, of 9 Mar. 1689, made at
N. H. the sec. w. and his four ch. are ment, but no more. Sixteen of
this name had in 1834 been gr. at the N. E. coll. of wh. four were of
Yale, three of Harv.

    PECKER, JAMES, Charlestown 1658, said to have been b. 1622, perhaps
had w. Elizabeth d. of John Friend of Salem, was aft. at Haverhill, and
last, a. 1682 at Boston.