Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p370


Volume 3, Page 370

28 July 1643; William, bur. 22 Mar. 1646, quite young, we
may be sure; besides prob. a former Nathaniel, who d. Jan. 1640;
freem. 1645; one of the orig. proprs. of Billerica 1658, and d. 10 Dec.
1668. Twelve of this name had, in 1834, been gr. at the N. E. coll. of
wh. two were at Harv.

    PATTERSON or PATTISON, ANDREW, Stratford, came from Scotland,
it is said, in 1685, by the Henry and Francis, to Perth Amboy. He
was accomp. by Robert McEwen and ten other passeng. wh. fled from
the severities of the admin. against the convenanters, as McEwen writes
in his journal of his sh. in the fight of Bothwell Bridge, a few yrs. bef.
and he is careful to note the day of sail. 5 Sept. the day of land. 18 Dec.
of that yr. and the day of reach. Stratford, to wh. they came on foot, 18
Feb. foll. as feeling confid. of more security in Conn. than could be expect.
under the proprieta. governm. of East Jersey. No battle in ancient
or mod. times is more exactly desrib. than this, from wh. the friends of
the suffers escap. to New Eng. as the fervid pen of Sir Walter Scott
exhibits it. Patterson m. 19 Feb. 1691, Elizabeth Peat, had Sarah, b. 17
Mar. 1694; Charles 4 Apr. 1703; Mary, 27 Mar. 1706; and John, 24
1701; Hannah, 18 Apr. 11703; Mary, 27 Mar. 1706; and John, 24
June 1711, Y. c. 1728, wh. liv. to 20 Jan. 1806; and his name is ment.
in the town rec. of S. so late as Mar. 1735. ANDREW, Billerica, s. of
James the first, m. 1697, Elizabeth Kibbee of Charlestown, had James, b. 13
Aug. 1707, or as Whitmore in his accurate Medford Geneal. says, 5 Oct.
of that yr. Perhaps in Mar. preced. he went on a voyage and was lost
at sea. CHARLES, Stratford, s. of Andrew the first, m. 29 Jan. 1719,
Eunice Nicolls or Nichols, had Andrew and Abraham, tw. b. 25 Oct.
foll.; Sarah, 3 June 1721; Elizabeth 19 Nov. 1722; James 24, bapt. 26
July 1724; and Elnathan, 25 Jan. 1726. DAVID is the name of one of those
wretched Scotch prisoners, from Worcester fight, sent out by the John
and Sarah from London, Nov. 1651, to be sold in Boston, where they
arr. in May foll. Of him, as of nineteen twentieths, or a greater proportion,
of this fellow sufferes, no more is ever heard. EDWARD, New Haven
1639, prob. the man name. by Mason, in his Hist. as one of his soldiers
in the Pequot war, 1637, in wh. he did much serv. and perhaps the
passeng. in the Christian from London 1635, aged 33, had w. in 1647,
but only ch. ment. were Elizabeth bapt. July 1644, who m. Thomas Smith of
the same, and John in Jan. foll. obt. a gr. of ld. in 1670, sixty acres,
"where he can find it." but the prob. d. without sight of it. See 3 Mass.
Hist. Coll. VI 164. EDWARD, Rehoboth 1643; Hingham 1652, where
he had Faith, b. 20 Jan. 1656; Dover, 1657, may be the same person,
or more than one, at Hingham call, carpenter. JAMES, Billerica, perhaps,
but not very likely, br. of David, came prob. in the said freight list