Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p347

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Volume 3, Page 347

and Mary, 17 Mar. 1708; and he d. 21 Mar. 1718. JOHN, Norwich
1680, s. of Thomas of New London, liv. in that pt. wh. bec. Preston.
He is common. call. capt. John of P. and d. 1716, leav. w. Mary, and
d. Dorothy, w. of Ebenezer Avery, but in his will rememb. four ch. of
his only other d. Abigail, w. of Christopher Avery, wh. was d. JONATHAN,
Newton, br. of John of the same, m. 18 Mar. 1691, Ann, d. of
Henry Spring, wh. d. the same yr.; and by w. Elizabeth had Jonathan, b. 30
Mar. 1695; Jonas, 1 Jan. 1697, d. soon; Lydia; Mindwell; Margery;
Eunice; and no more in Bond's list, but Jackson adds Hannah. His w.
d. 10 Apr. 1713, and he took 3d w. 27 Apr. says Bond (but Jackson
makes it June) 1715, Hannah, d. of John Kimball, had Hannah, again,.
says Jackson, 25 Feb. (tho. Bond says Oct.) 1718. He d. 23 Jan. foll.
(wh. by Jackson is agreed, tho. he makes the will in Feb. 1719), in his
will of 11 days preced. names w. and six ch. making w. and Jonathan
excors. NATHANIEL, Norwich 1680, s. of Thomas, was of Preston.
He d. 1718, leav. w. Sarah, and ch. Nathaniel Ezekiel, Joseph, John
Isaac, Jacob, Phebe, w. of Thomas Beman, and Margaret, w. of Jabez
Spicer, all adult. RICHARD, Cambridge 1636, a propr. at the Farms, now
Lexington, 1642; d. at Cambridge vill. (where he had liv. 18 yrs.) 1665,
leav. will of 12 July in that yr. provid. for w. Sarah, wh. had been wid.
of Love Brewster, and was liv. at Duxbury 1678; two ds. and only s.
Thomas. The inv. of 19 Aug. show. good est. Isabel, one of his ds.
m Francis Whittemore; and Sarah, the other, d. 1699. * RICHARD,
Newton, gr.s. of the preced. and s. of Thomas, by w. Sarah Cutter[1], had
William; Thomas, 7 Feb. 1690, both d. young; prob. Abigail, 25 July
1693; Richard, 1 Mar. 1696; and Sarah, 11 May 1699, d. soon; all b.
at N.; rem. to Concord, m. 1699, Elizabeth d. prob. of John Billings, had
Joseph; Elizabeth; Sarah; Josiah; Abigail; Jonathan; Isaac; Rebecca;
Ephraim; Daniel; and Zaccheus; tho. Jackson counts only ten for the
sec. w.; was lieut. rep. and d. 19 June 1725. His wil, made 11 days
bef. names w. Elizabeth and her seven s. and four ds.
[2] * ROBERT, Wethersfield
1639, freem. Apr. 1640, may have sent ano. beside his eldest s.
William some yrs. bef. he came to our shore, as permanent resid. for I
have the best reason for think. he had come in 1630, and went back the
same yr. carrying an order by our Gov. to his s. John in Eng. to pay
money, wh. is in my possess. and may be the earliest bill of exchance dr.
on our side of the water, but was not guid. by the decision of the s. as
to his plana. rep. first in Aug. 1642, rem. 1649 to New London, where
his barn was the first place of worship, selectman 1651, rep. 1652, call.
an aged man 1662, d. 1665. His will, of 14 May 1660, pro. Mar.
1665, names only three ch. William, Samuel, and Thomas; but perhaps
a d. Ann had accomp. her br. William early to Roxbury, there m. 20