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Volume 3, Page 328

R. I. 1655. JAMES, New London, br. of Benjamin, was a capt. d.
1764. JOHN, New London 1655, by first w. Elizabeth wh. d. 4 May 1674,
had prob. John, Samuel, and Richard; by sec. w. Rebecca, wid. of
Thomas Latham, d. of Hugh Wells, m. 24 June 1676, who surv. him,
had James, bapt. 11 Sept. 1681; beside Joseph, Benjamin, and Rebecca,
as Miss Caulkins in her Hist. judges. He d. 1689, and his wid. m. a
Watson of Kingston, R. I. JOHN, New London, s. of the preced. m.
Lydia, d. of Cary Latham, and d. 1701. SAMUEL, New London, s.
prob. of the first John, m. Mary, d. of William Williams of the same.
THOMAS, Salem, whose w. Hepzibah d. 22 Jan. 1685, aged 25 yrs.
‡ THOMAS, Portsmouth 1686, a physician, from London, was col. judge of
pro. and a counsel. in 1719, d. 1728. His w. Eliz m. 7 Aug. 1687, d.
4 Aug. 1717, in 62d yr.

Cambridge, in rec. spelt Padlfoote, m. 5 Oct. 1652, Mary Blanford, prob.
d. of John of Sudbury, had Jonathan, b. 6 July 1653, d. soon; Mary, 22
Aug. 1654; Jonathan, again, 13 Aug. 1656; Zechariah, 16 Dec. 1657, these
three bapt. 6 Nov. 1659; and Edward, 13 June, bapt. 8 July foll. His
wid. m. 1662, Thomas Eames of Sherburne, and 1 Feb. 1676, she was
k. by the Ind. and at the same time nine of his ch. whereof most were
hers also, were either tak. See Barry, 27. JONATHAN, Braintree
s. of the preced. by w. Hannah had Jonathan, b. 15 Mar. 1680, rem. to
Taunton a. 1700, and there, tho, his said s. Jonathan, perpet, the family
name even to our days. ZECHARIAH, Framingham, s. of the preced. d.
7 July 1737, as Mr. Barry thinks. The name is frequent at Providence
and the vicinity; and four had, in 1834, says Farmer, been gr. at Brown
and Yale coll.

    PADDOCK, GEORGE, Plymouth, m. 1657, it is said, Sarah Rickard,
perhaps d. of Giles the first. ICHABOD, the subj. of a trifl. tradit. that he was
invited 1690 from Cape Cod to Nantucket to tea. the art of k. whales [Macy
Hist. of Nant. 30], when 18 yrs. earlier James Loper had there been s.
engaged. It is strange, that neither name was of perman. resid. bef. the
last was certain. at N. JOHN, Swansey, s. of Robert, m. 21 Dec. 1673
Ann Jones. ROBERT, Plymouth 1643, and prob. some yrs bef. perhaps
was never a freem. of the col. had Robert, b. 1634; Zechariah, 20 Mar.
1636; Mary, 10 Mar. 1638; Alice, 7 Mar. 1640; John, 1 Apr. 1643; George;
and Susanna, 1649; but his w. is not kn. He d. 25 July 1650. Mary m. 24
Mar. 1651, or 1656, Thomas Roberts; Alice m. 7 May 1663, Zechariah
Eddy; and Susanna m. 12 or 30 Nov. 1665, John Eddy, and d. 1 Mar.
1670. ZECHARIAH, Barnstable, s. of Robert, m. 1659, Deborah,
d. of Richard Sears, liv. at Yarmouth, and d. 1 May 1727, in 88th yr.
rather 91st (very remarka. as falling short of truth) leav. wid. and
very numer. descend. See N. E. Weekly Journal of 5 June in that yr.
The ch. were Ichabod, b. 1661; Zechariah, 1664; Elizabeth 1666; John, 1668;
Robert, 1670; Joseph, 1674; Nathaniel, 1677; and Judah, 1681.

    PADDY, THOMAS, Boston, s. of "blessed" William, m. Deborah Wait
d. 3 Feb. 1690, and his wid. d. 22 Mar. 1697 * WILLIAM, Plymouth