Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p323


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Volume 3, Page 323

His wid. d. 13 Mar. 1723. Elizabeth m. 11 Mar. 1698, Nathaniel Wilson,
as his sec. w.; Hannah m. 1696, John Prentice; and Sarah m. Edward
Prentice. John, Newton, s. of the preced. m. Sarah, d. of Jonathan
Hyde the first of the same, had Mary, b. 6 June 1699; Sarah; Esther,
8 Mar. 1794, d. at 21 yrs.; Jonathan, 30 Jan. 1706; Lydia; Elizabeth;
and Thankful; and d. 1740. His wid. d. 1753.

    OTIS or OTTIS, JAMES, Weymouth, s. of John the sec, was in the
wild advent. of Sir William Phips against Quebec, serv. in capt.
Ephraim Hunt's comp. 1690, where he was k. Bef. enlist, he made his
will, 3 Aug. of that yr. pro. 27 Jan. full. of wh. his br. Stephen was
excor. and to him he gave most of his est. a portion "to youngest br.
Job, when he comes of age." and a small sum to William Chard, the
sch.master. It is in Vol. VIII.21. JOB, Scituate, br. of the preced. m.
Mary Little, d. 1758, was a shipbuilder. JOHN, Hingham, came some
wks. bef. Rev. Peter Hobart and comp. with wh. he assoc. in sett. of that
town, 1635, b. a. 1581, at Glastonbury, Co. Somerset, perhaps s. of
Richard, had bef. leav. Eng. three ch. there bur. beside Richard, bapt.
27 Feb. 1617, and John, 14 Jan. 1622; and ds. older as well as younger,
brot. over, exc. that Richard prob. staid at home, perhaps all by w.
Margaret, wh. d. 28 June 1653; was adm. freem. 3 Mar. 1636, selectman
oft. Aft. d. of his w. rem. to Weymouth, there took see. w. whose
name prob. was Elizabeth Streame, a wid. mo. of Thomas and Benjamin
Streame, as in Geneal. Reg. XI. 178, from our Prob. rec. appears (who
in her will of 22 Sept. 1672, pro. 27 July 1676, names a s. John S. giv.
him L80, speaks of s.-in-law John Halbrook, who should pay that sum;
and d. Elizabeth H. and her ch. Ichabod); and d. 31 May 1657, had his will
made one day bef. and sign. it by mark, tho. usual. in health, he wrote
plan. pro. 28 July full. in wh. beside provid. for w. and s. John, he gives
to d. Margaret, w. of Thomas Barton, and her three ch. to d. Hannah,
w. of Thomas Gill, and two only of her many ch. Mary, and Thomas,
and to his ds. Ann, and Alice, wh. were prob. unm. JOHN, Hingham, s.
of the preced. brot. prob. by his f. 1635, m. 1652, or earlier, Mary, d. of
Nicholas Jacob, had Mary, bapt. 1 May 1653, prob. d. soon; Mary,
again, b. 14 Mar. 1654; Elizabeth; John, b. 21 Nov. 1657; a d. perhaps
Hannah, 1660; Stephen, 1661; James, 1663; Joseph, bapt. 3 June
1666; rem. to Scituate, there had Job, 20 Mar. 1677; the next yr. rem.
to Barnstable, from wh. he came back to S. and d. 16 Jan. 1684, leav.
good est. in ea. of the three towns of H. S. and B. Mary m. 24 Feb.
1676, John Gorham of B.; and Elizabeth m. 9 Oct. 1688, Thomas Allyn,
and next, 20 July 1699[1], David Loring, ‡ * JOHN, Barnstable, eldest
s. of the preced. m. 18 July 1683, Mercy, youngest d. of Nathanael
Bacon, had Mary, b. 10 Dec. 1685; John, 14 Jan. 1688, H. C. 1707;