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Volume 3, Page 322

hardly guess who was her f. had Stephen, b, 11 Mar. 1665, wh. d. 1 Oct.
1667; Hooker, 24 June 1668; Stephen, again, 16 Aug. 1670; Joseph,
1 June 1673; and Mary, 4 Mar. 1678, wh. prob. d. bef. her f.; was
freem. 1669, and d. of smallpox, 15 Jan. 1691. THOMAS, Andover,
youngest ch. prob. posthum. of the first Christopher, freem. 1676, by w.
Susanna had Mary, b. 14 Feb. 1675; Sarah, 6 Feb. 1677; Hannah, 29
Nov. 1679; Thomas, 17 Dec. 1680; Josiah, Mar. 1682, d. soon;
Judith, 8 Feb. 1683; Deborah, 26 Feb. 1685; Josiah, again, 31 May
1688; Abigail, 11 Aug. 1690; and Susanna, 29 Oct. 1692, d. soon.
TIMOTHY, Andover, s. of the second John, m. 29 Mar 1689, Deborah
Poor, perhaps d. of Daniel, had Mary, b. 8 Aug. 1690; Timothy, 22
Aug. 1693; Sarah, 8 Aug. 1697; Peter, 31 May 1699; Deborah; and
Isaac, 1708; of wh. the three eldest were liv. and the three youngest
were d. when the f. d. 18 Sept. 1748. He was freem. 1691; and sec. w.
was Mary Poole. WILLIAM, Salisbury 1640, a propr. of that date, b. a.
1605, may earlier have had progeny than kn. to me, but at S. by rec. I
find John and William, tw. b. 8 Oct. 1648; Mary, 3 Mar. 1650; Joseph,
18 Mar. 1651, d. soon; Sarah, 2 Feb. 1653; and Joseph, again, 2 Dec.
1656. Not connect. with him, however, in near consanguin. I discover
in the Confidence, at Southampton, 24 Apr. 1638, there emb. Sarah O.
with four ch. under eleven yrs. old, of wh. one was William Jones, one
William Osgood. They were from Herrell, or Wherwell, near Andover,
in Hants; but who was the h. and f. is beyond my reach. Robert
Quimby of Salisbury m. Elizabeth O. and Robert Jones of Salisbury m. a.
1658, Joan O. WILLIAM, Salisbury, of the preced. freem. 1690, by
w. Abigail, d. of John Severance, m. Oct. 1672 (but in the Geneal. Reg.
VIII. 160, a very diligent contrib. calls her Ambrose, and it will be
found that she was d. of the w. of Severance by a former h.) had Nathaniel,
b. 17 Dec. 1674; John, 27 Oct. 1676; Jonathan, 2 Apr. 1678;
Abigail, 15 Feb. 1681; Sarah, 24 Apr. 1684; Richard, 13 Jan. 1686;
Elizabeth 9 Sept. 1688; and Joseph, 9 Aug. 1691. Not a few hours of sev.
days have been giv. to the details of this geneal. in wh. my own gather.
were constant. compar. with those of an assidu. contrib. C. M. Endicott,
Esq. and usual. similar results have foll. our inquir. Nineteen of this
name had, in 1834, swell. the Catal. of gr. at Harv. and eight at the
various other N. E. coll.

    OSIER or OSYER, ABEL, a soldier of capt. Lothrop's comp. call. the
flower of Essex," k. at Bloody brook, 18 Sept. 1675. His inv. of 28
June foll. show. L3, 1, 10, that was giv. to his br. by order of Ct.

    OSLAND, HUMPHREY, Cambridge vill. or Newton, shoemaker, m. 7
Mar. 1667, Elizabeth d. of Samuel Hyde, had Elizabeth b. 23 Jan. foll.; John, 1
Oct. 1669, Hannah; and Sarah, 23 Nov. 1683; and d. 19 June 1720.