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Volume 3, Page 309

    OLIN, HENRY, Greenwich, s. of John of the same, had, it is said, tho.
is ws. name is not seen, nor the date of b. of either, Justin, and Caleb,
both of wh. rem. bef. the revolut. war, to Vermont, and the latter, hav.
seven s. d. in St. Lawrence Co. N. Y. Of such. infirm material few
N. E. fam. are compel. to build. JOHN, West Greenwich, R. I. Said to
have come 1678, in his youth, from Wales, had by w. unkn. John,
Henry, and, perhaps, Justin, and Joseph; but of the last two, in the
fam. geneal. no acco. is render. nor is the date of m. or d. of f. or either
of the other s. giv. JOHN, East Greenwich, R. I. s. of the preced.

    OLIVER, DANIEL, Boston, youngest s. of Peter the first, m. 23 Apr.
1696, Elizabeth d. of Hon. Andrew Belcher, sis. of Gov. Jonathan, had
Daniel, b. 14 Jan. 1704, H. C. 1722, wh. d. of smallpox, at London, 5
July 1727; Andrew, 28 Mar. 1706, H. C. 1724, who was lieut.-gov. of
the Prov. and d. 3 Mar. 1774; and Peter, 17 Mar. 1713, H. C. 1730,
the Ch. Justice of the Sup. Ct. of Mass. who was impeach. and d. at
Birmingham, Oct. 1791; was freem. 1690, and d. 23 July 1732. His
d. 1735. DAVID, Pemaquid, took the o. of fidel. to Mass. 23 July
1674. JAMES, Boston, s. of Thomas, the rul. Elder, brot. by his f. from
Bristol, in Co. Somerset, 1682, in the William and Francis, freem. 12
Oct. 1640, an emin. merch. ar. co. 1637, capt. of it 1656, and 66, serv.
in Philip's war, as a capt. in the fight of 19 Dec. 1675, and d. 1682,
without issue. JAMES, Cambridge, s. of Peter, a physician, freem. 1690,
m. Mercy, d. of Samuel Bradstreet, had Mercy, b. 1695; and Sarah, 4
Sept. bapt. 20 Dec. 1696; and he d. 8 Apr. 1703, and his wid. d. 29
Mar. 1710, in her 43d yr. JOHN, Boston 1632, younger br. or perhaps
neph. of Elder Thomas, came with him in the William and
Francis, disarm. in Nov. 1637, was chos. rep. 1638, but reject. by the
ho. support. of the cause of Wheelwright, rem. to Newbury, was
freem. 13 May 1640, m. Joanna Goodale, prob. d. of Elizabeth and sis. of
Richard the first, had only Mary, b. 7 June 1640, and he d. 1642. Very
frequent has been the confus. betw. him and John, the s. of the rul.
Elder, but a careful comparison will find in our rec. three or four unfailing
points in assist. him to discrimin. In the beautiful Appleton
Memor. p. 22, the will of John Oliver of Boston, wh. d. a few yrs. later,
of wh. abstr. is in Geneal. Reg. III. 266, from Vol. I. of Pro. Rec. is
erron. assum. to be the act of the Newbury man, who was, I think, his
uncle. His d. Mary m. 8 Dec. 1656, Samuel Appleton, the sec. of Ipswich,
I believe, his sec. w. His wid. m. 1645, capt. William Gerrish.
JOHN, Boston, s. of the Elder Thomas, so distinct. call. at his adm. into
the ch. 1638, freem. 14 May 1634, m. Elizabeth d. of John Newgate, had
John, bapt. 29 July 1638, tho. the town rec. strange. makes his b. 21
Nov. aft. d. Mar. foll.; Elizabeth b. 28 Feb. bapt. 8 Mar. 1640, Hannah, 3,