Oliver Family Tree and History-Related Websites

Paternal surnames include: Bagby, Billups, Bline or Blind, Breeding, Casey, Crutchfield, Cupp or Copp or Capp, Denbo, Duley, Edmondson, Funkhouser, Gander, Glassock, Lawson, Lilly, Meyers or Myers, Moore, Mitchell, Pauley, Poteet, Powell, Rice, Robertson, Sturgeon, Underhill, Webster, Whitacar or Whiteacre, Woodfield, Wynkold.
The site does have elements of interest to other researchers as well, including the beginnings of an index to the Daviess County (Indiana) Democrat newspaper. The index begins with January 1884. The site hasn't been updated since 2002, so perhaps there will not be further expansion of the index.