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Volume 3, Page 285

wish his industr. research had ascertain. of wh. he was wid. so that we
might not be left to conject. that she was d. of Roger Billings, wh. m.
Samuel Belcher. By her he had Sarah, b. Jan. 1681; Hannah 1682;
and Samuel, 15 June 1686; was a lieut. 1697. Eleven of this name
had, in 1634, been gr. at N. E. coll. of wh. four were of Dart. three of
Harv. and two of Yale.

    NIMS, EBENEZER, Deerfield, s. of Godfrey, in the assault, 29 Feb.
1704, by the Fr. and Ind. when most of the fam. were destroy. was tak.
carr. to Canada, adopt. by an Ind. squaw, had there a w. and one ch.
but was liberat. 1714, and came home. I hear nothing of the w. and ch.
GODFREY, Northampton 1668, was a soldier in Philip's war, m. Margaret,
wid. of Zebediah Williams, had Rebecca, b. 1678, d. soon; John
and Rebecca, tw. 1679; Henry, 1682; rem. to Deerfield, there had
Thankful, 1684; and Ebenezer, 1687; his w. d. next yr. and he m.
1692, Mehitable, wid. of Jeremiah Hull, d. of William Smead, had
Thomas, 1693, wh. d. at 4 yrs.; Mehitable, 1696; Mary and Mercy, tw.
1699; and Abigail, 1701. Henry was k. 29 Feb. 1704, at the surprise
of the town by Fr. and Ind. Mehitable, Mary, and Mercy were at the
same time burn to d. in the cellar of his ho. and his w. carr. off, but k.
on the road to Canada, whither John, Ebenezer, and Abigail were carr.
John fail. to escape in his first attempt, but got free in the sec. from
Montreal, 1705; and Abigail was prob. never heard of aft. His d. Rebecca
had m, Philip Mattoon, and was k. with him, and their only ch. at
the same time, so that of all his fam. only John, Thankful, and Ebenezer
were liv. and the youngest a captive for nine yrs. aft. the f. d. 1705. But
the name is well perpet.

    NIXON or NICKSON, JOHN, R. I. 1663. Knowles, 421. MATTHEW,
Salem 1639, was petitnr. 1668, against imposts, sign. for self and comp.
See Nick.

    NOAKES or NOAKE, ROBERT, Boston, by w. perhaps d. of
Robert Wright, wh. in his will calls Noakes his s. had Arthur, b 17 Mar.
1665; Mary, 5 Dec. 1667; Robert, 10 July 1670; Joseph, 16 Oct.
1671; and Robert, again, 13 Oct. 1676. I suppose he was liv. 1701.

    NOBLE, JOHN, Westfield, prob. s. of the first Thomas, m. 13 Sept.
1682, Abigail, d. of John Sacket, had Abigail, b. 30 June 1683, and his
w. d. in 3 days; by sec. w. had John, 15 Feb. 1685; Stephen, 15 Aug.
1688; William, d. young; David, 25 Jan. 1695; Hannah, 2 Nov. 1697;
Sarah, 22 Mar. 1699; and Mabel, 28 Feb. 1705. He d. at New Milford,
17 Aug. 1714. MARK, Westfield, prob. br. of the preced. m. 10
Dec. 1690, Hannah, d. of the sec. Thomas Dewey, had Joseph, b. 8 Oct.
1691, Hezekiah, 14 May 1694; Matthew, 19 Sept. 1698; Solomon, 23
Dec. 1700; Elisha, 9 Feb. 1703; Obadiah, 19 Oct. 1705; Hannah, 11