Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p263

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Volume 3, Page 263

Mar. or Apr. 1709. All the last eight s. are provid. for in the will of
the f. 10 Mar. three days preced. his dec. as also the d. Hope, w. of
Isaac Warner; but the will of his wid. 18 Apr. 1707, names seven s.
omitt. Timothy, who had d. at Deerfield; and aft. gift to d. Hope
Warner, names d. Mary Nash, and Joanna N. wh. as to these, means,
perhaps, ws. of two s. WILLIAM, Charlestown, possib. s. of Gregory,
with w. Mary join. the ch. 31 Aug. 1634, and three days aft. sw. as
freem. was prob. d. bef. 1658, when wid. N. alone of householders is
found. Her will of 20 Apr. 1674, pro. 3 July foll. names s. Peter, d.
Mary, w. of Thomas Hale, and John and Mary H. and her next
kinswoman Hannah Edenden, but how relat. is not ascert.

    NASON, BENJAMIN, Dover, perhaps s. of Richard, m. 30 June 1687,
Martha Kenny. JOHN, Dover, prob. br. of the preced. m. 6 Nov. 1674,
Hannah, d. of John Heard. JOSEPH, Dover 1671, and there the fam.
has cont. RICHARD, Kittery 1649, submit. 1652, to Mass. was ensign
1653, and in 1656 chos. rep. but disallow. by the Gen. Ct. and 3 yrs.
later was fined for receiv. Quakers, and disfranch. He had John,
Joseph, Benjamin, and Baker, nam. in his will of 14 July 1694, pro.
1696, in wh. he names his w. wh. had been wid. of Thomas Follett,
and was not mo. of these ch.

    NAYLOR, EDWARD, Boston, merch. perhaps came not bef. 1665, m.
Catharine, wid. of Robert Nanney, d. of Rev. John Wheelwright, had
Tabitha, b. 2 July 1667; and Lydia, 26 July 1668. Perhaps he rem.
but certain. his est. in 1673, was taken in execu. for debt to John Freake.

    NAZITER, MICHAEL, Saco 1666, had Michael, b. 1664; and John,
1666; and Jane, prob. his d. m. 1669, Richard Peard. Folsom, 187.

    NEAL, ANDREW, Boston 1664, a taverner, by w. Milicent had Sarah,
b. 1 Apr. 1665; Mary, 6 June 1666; Andrew, 23 Nov. 1668; Elizabeth 2
Aug. 1670, d. soon; Elizabeth again, 11 Dec. 1671; and Mary, again, 11
June 1674. BENJAMIN, Braintree, youngest s. of the first Henry of the
same, m. 20 Jan. 1689, Lydia, youngest d. of Stephen Paine of the
same, had Lydia, k. 9 Feb. 1690; Hannah, 15 Mar. 1692; Benjamin,
3 Mar. 1694; Joseph, 17 Nov. 1695; Henry, 4 Aug. 1697; Abigail,
20 Aug. 1698; Jonathan, 13 Oct. 1700; Jerusha, 2 Oct. 1703; and
Abijah, 22 Dec. 1709; and d. 12 Jan. 1746. EDWARD, Weymouth
1662, may have rem. to Westfield, there, by w. Martha, d. of Edmund
Hart, had Deborah, b. 1670; Abigail, 23 Apr. 1672; Mary, 24 July
1675; Martha, 8 May 1677; Edward, 8 Feb. 1679; Esther, 8 Nov.
1680; and Elizabeth 26 Feb. 1683; and he d. 1698. His d. Abigail m.
1694, Ephraim Stiles the sec. EDWARD, Westfield, s. of the preced.
m. Margaret Higason, or Higginson, d. of William. FRANCIS, Falmouth,
m. a d. of Arthur Macworth, had Francis, wh. d. 1693; and Samuel, who surv.
was great propr. at Scarborough 1657, rep. 1670, rem. from the Ind. devast. to