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Volume 3, Page 260

and came back to be instit. rector of the King's Chapel in B. 2 June
1689, had degr. of A. M. conf. by the Univ. of Oxford 1693, d. 4 Mar.

    MYRICK. See Mirick.

    NALY, RICHARD, Kittery, disfranchis. 1669, as a Quaker.

    NANEY or NANNY, ROBERT, Boston, sent by Robert Cordell, a goldsmith
of Lombard street, London, in the Increase, 1635, aged 22, was
first at Dover, perhaps, or Saco, had good charact. bef. com. in 1652,
to B. by w. Catharine, d. of Rev. John Wheelwright, had John, b.16
Feb. 1654, d. soon; John, again; 12 Aug. 1655, d. soon; John, again, 12
Aug. 1656; Joseph, 1 June 1658; James, in one rec. called Samuel, 27 Aug,
1659; Mary, 22 June 1661; and Elizabeth 2 Jan. 1663.; and he d. 27 Aug. foll. His
will, made 5 days preced. names w. and ch. only Samuel, who was b. bef. his
f. came from the E. and Mary, and one anticip.; so that prob. Joseph,
James, and Elizabeth beside the three Johns d. early. He was a merch.
own. est. in Barbadoes, perhaps in comp. with Richard Hutchinson of
London, wh. he calls uncle, and by inv. shows £1089,14,1 1/4; and his
wid. m. Edward Naylor.

    NARRAMORE, RICHARD, Mass. master of the ketch Sparrow, in Aug.
1687, brot. persons from the Bahamas, suspected of piracy by Sir E.
Andros, our Gov. See 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VII. 185. THOMAS, Dorchester,
1664, a fisherman, perhaps br. of the preced. rem. to Boston,
where w. Hannah join. the sec. ch. 29 May 1681, by her Hannah,
b. 23 Sept. 1671; Sarah, 26 Sept. 1672; James, 4 May 1674; John,
10 Sept. 1676; and Sarah, again, 10 Aug. 1686. Prob. he rem. to
New Hampsh. and early in 1690 pray. for jurisdict. of Mass.

    NASH, DANIEL, Northampton, s. of Timothy, m. 1 June 1710, Experience,
d. of John Clark, had Sylvanus, b. 11 Jan. 1712; Zeruiah, 2
Nov. 1713; Daniel, 13 Sept. 1753; Experience, 26 Dec. 1716; Joseph,
23 Apr. 1718; rem. to Hadley, there had Onesimus; Jonathan, 3 Dec.
1721; Rebecca; Josiah; and Phineas; was deac. rem. a. 1739, over
the mountains to Housatonic, now Great Barrington, and d. 10 Mar.
1760, aged 84, says the gr.stone. EDWARD, Norwalk 1654, in 1672
had two ch. in his fam. but prob. others. He is not in the list of freem.
1669, tho. accept. conditionally 1664, yet had good est. EBENEZER,
Suffield, s. of Timothy, m. July 1701, Mary, d. of John Scott, had, Jonathan,
b. 30 May 1702, d. at 2 yrs.; Mary, 29 Oct. 1704; and Miriam,
27 Jan. 1710. EPHRAIM, Hadly, youngest br. of the preced. m. 10
Jan. 1705, Joanna, d. of John Smith, had Timothy, b. 26 Jan. 1707;
Ephraim, 16 Jan. 1710; Aaron, 23 Feb. 1712; Joanna, 4 July 1715,
d. soon; Joanna, again 28 Aug. 1716, d. at 2 yrs; Martin, 19 Jan.
1718; Eleazer, 10 Feb. 1720; and Elisha, 8 Oct. 1729. FRANCIS,