Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p246

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Volume 3, Page 246

Feb. 1663, Margaret, 2 Dec. 1666; Timothy, Feb. 1670; Martha, 3
Mar. 1672; and Mindwell, 13 Dec. 1676. He d. 14 Oct. 1683; and
his wid. d. 14 Sept. 1689 and his d. Mary m. 1685, as his sec. w.
Samuel Farnsworth. The name is perpet. in the neighb. JOHN, New
Hampsh. 1658. Farmer says the name is still in the E. part of the

    MOSIER or MOSHIER, ARTHUR, Boston, by w. Rebecca had Lydia,
b. 25 Feb. 1678, Thomas, 22 Sept. 1619; and Samuel, 21 Jan. 1683.
Perhaps it is bec. Mosher. HUGH, Falmouth, 1640, came, perhaps, in
the Jane, from London, in eight wks. pass. arr. at Boston 12 June 1632,
was inhab. of Newport 1660, engag. in the purch. of Misquamicut, d.
bef. 1666, leav. James and John, says Willis, I.37. He had not then
acquir. the knowl. of resid. of Hugh in R. I. where he m. Rebecca, d. of
John Harndel of Newport, as sec. w. prob. unless ano. Hugh be intend.
in the will of her f. 9 Feb. 1686. See also Mass. Hist. Coll. I. 93, in
notes. Of James, we kn. only that he was admor. 1666, appoint. at the
July Ct. on est. of his f. and of John, that in 1683, he was of Brookhaven,
L. I. and gave coveyance of ld. in Casco Bay.

    MOSMAN, JAMES, Wrentham, by w. Ann had Elizabeth b. 24 May 1675, d.
6 Mar. foll. He rem. to Roxbury, there had Timothy, b. 17 Nov.
1679; and Elizabeth 18 Dec. 1696; but it is not sure that it was by the
same w. or whether other ch. had not been b. perhaps in ano. town.

    MOSS, JOHN, New Haven 1639, sign. the orig. comp. 4 June 1643,
had John, bapt. prob. 5 Jan. 1640, d. young; Samuel, 4 Apr. 1641;
Abigail, 10 Apr. 1642; Joseph, prob. 5 Nov. 1643; Ephraim, 16 Nov.
1645; Mary, 11 Apr. 1647; Mercy, male, 1 Apr. 1649; John, again,
b. 12, bapt. 20 Oct. 1650; Elizabeth 3, bapt. 7 Oct. 1652; Esther, 2 Jan.
1654; and Isaac, 21, bapt. 30 Nov. 1655; as the print. in Geneal. Reg.
IX. 361, gives the bapt. wh. may be a mistake for Dec. The rec. of b.
may be trust. that of bapt. is certain. wrong. He was rep. 1667-70,
and then rem. to Wallingford 1670, of wh. he was rep. 1671-3, yet
contin. propr. at New Haven, d. 1707, aged 103, perhaps with slight
exagg,. yet thot. to be the oldest that ever d. in Conn. See Dana,
Cent. disc. 1770. Abigail, m. 2 July 1663, Abraham Doolittle, as
his sec. w.; Mary m. 3 Nov. 1664, John Peck; and Elizabeth m. 1670,
Nathaniel Hitchcock. JOHN, Boston. See Morse. JOHN, Woburn,
m. 5 Mar. 1686, Dinah Knight. JOHN, Salisbury, by w. Sarah
had Joseph, b. 11 Jan. 1694; Abiel, 19 Aug. 1695; Mary, 4 Mar.
1697, and Benjamin, 24 Oct. 1698. He may have been a Morse.
JOSEPH, Portsmouth 1665. JOSEPH, New Haven, s. of John of the
same, m. 11 Apr. 1667, Mary, d. of Roger Alling, had, beside prob.
others, Samuel, b. 27 Jan. 1675, d. next yr.; Joseph, 7 Apr. 1679,
H. C. 1699, a min. of reputa. at Derby, ord. 1706; and Samuel, again,