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Volume 3, Page 233

Nov. 1680, may have serv. in Moseley's mp. Dec. 1651, perhaps,
was not that JAMES, of Boston, whose story is in the Magnalia, book VI.
40-43, execut. for murder, 11 Mar. 1686. JOHN, New London, s. of
the first James, m. 16 Nov. 1665, Rachel, d. of John Deming, had, says
Miss Caulkins, seven ch. by her, and six more by sec. w. Eliz. made
freem. 1669 was a lieut. and d. 1712. JONATHAN, Springfield, s. of
Miles, as in the Falls fight 1676, freem. 1690, d. 1714, leav. Jonathan,
and four ds. JOSEPH, Lynn m. 12 July 1669, Deborah Hart. JOSEPH,
Greenwich, ment. in Mather's Hecatompolis, as the min. may have been
s. of the first James. MILES, Springfield by fam. tradit. said to have
arr. at Boston in Apr. 1636, with two brs. from Bristol, by Prudence
had Mary, b. 1645 Jonathan, 16, David, 1648; Pelatiah, 1650;
Isaac, 1652; Lydia, 1654; Hannah, 1656; Mercy, 1658; and his w. d.
1661. He m. next, 15 Feb. 1670 Elizabeth Bliss, d. of Thomas, had Nathaniel,
1671; and d. 28 May 1669. Lydia m. 1677, John Pierce.
MOSES, a soldier under capt. Turner 1676, at Hadley was prob. from
E. part of the Col. NATHANIEL, Springfield, prob. youngest s. of
Miles, had Nathaniel, Samuel, Ebenezer, Miles, Joseph, James, Isaac,
Hannah, and Elizabeth OWEN, New Haven, m. 9 Apr. 1650, wid. Joan
Bryan. Hall finds his name in 1656 at Norwalk; and a wid. was propr.
1655, as by his valua. Hist. but no clue is kn. to the name of her h. or
the time of his d. RICHARD, Dover 1659, was prob. of Exeter 1684.
ROBERT, Saco 1636, may be he of Kennebeck 1665, Sullivan,
287. ROBERT, Salem 1637, adm. of the ch. 1650, and on 23 June of
that yr. had bapt. Samuel, Luke, Joseph, and Benjamin, and on 15 Dec.
foll. Robert; Bethia, 29 1653; and Aaron, 24 May 1663; was one
of the found. of the ch. at Beverly 1667. His will, of 14 Oct. 1672,
pro. 24 June foll. names w. Margaret, s. Samuel, was w.'s f. Norman but
wh. he was is not clear),s. Benjamin, Robert, Bethia, s. Joseph, and
Moses. His inv. was of 10 Nov. 1672. ROGER, Charlestown, d. 23
Dec. 1675. SAMUEL, Marblehead 1674. He m. 15 Dec. 1658, Elizabeth d.
of lieut. William Dixy. WILLIAM, Amesbury 1677, perhaps twelve yrs.
later liv. in New Hampsh.

    MORLEY, JOHN, Braintree, freem. 1645, rem. 1658 to Charlestown,
he and his w. being rec. into this ch. 29 Aug. of that yr. there d. 24
Jan. 1661; and his wid. Constant, wh. was first of the ch. at Dorchester,
d. 1669. Yet Frothingham, 80, names her as wid. inhab. of 1631, tho.
perhaps he means Catharine, wh. may have been his mo. in the will of
Morley, made a week bef. his d. referred to as then dec. He also names
in it sis. Ann Farmer. He gave to his wid. Constant, all his est. in
N. E. and his lds. and tenem. at Cheshunt, in Co. Herts, O. E. In her
will is more instruct. for the genealog. as she rememb. her br. Joye (perhaps
meaning Joseph) Starr, her sis. Ann Farmer, her sis. Suretrust