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Volume 3, Page 208

1716; Martha, 18 Mar. 1719; Nathan, 14 Jan. 1721; Reuben, 12
Dec. 1723; and Charles, 28 June 1727. Whether some of the foregoing
should be spell. Mills, or whether other, should be brot. in here
from that platoon, I have vain. labor. to ascert. In the old rec. we may
find the same man, often, in or under differ. names.

    MILK or MILKE, JOHN, Salem, authoriz. chimney sweep. 1663,
He m. 3 Apr. 1665, Sarah Weston, prob. d. of John, had John, b. 8
Jan. 1669; and Mary, 22 Mar. 1670.

    MILLARD, JOHN, Rehoboth, a tanner, had a s. of the same name,
perhaps bef. 1658. Baylies, II. 208. THOMAS, Boston, had a lot for
five heads, gr. him at Mount Wollaston 1639.

    MILLER, ABRAHAM, Charlestown, had Susanna, bapt. 12 June 1692.
He was, perhaps, s. of James, the Scotchman. ABRAHAM, Northampton,
youngest s. of William of the same, m. 1 Jan. 1700, Hannah, d. of
Elder Preserved Clapp, had John, b. 4 Feb. 1701; Abraham, 29 Nov.
1702; Jonathan, 12 Mar. 1704; d. young; Roger, 22 July 1705; Hannah,
24 Oct. 1707; Wait, 26 July 1711; Zebediah, 6 Nov. 1713; William,
21 Sept. 1716; and Seth, 25 June 1719. Both the last nam. d.
soon; and he d. 7 Feb. 1727. His wid. m. 1729, lieut. John Parsons,
and d. 8 Nov. 1758. ALEXANDER, Dorchester 1637, freem. 2 May
1638, was never m. that we hear of, or at least no ch. is ment. ANDREW,
Enfield, an early sett. d. 1708, aged 60, had David, wh. m. 1713,
Hannah Miller, and d. 1715. ANTHONY, Dover, was rep. 1674-6.
EBENEZER, Northampton, s. of William of the same, m. 1688, Sarah,
d. of Samuel Allen of the same, had Mary, b. a. 1689; John, 12 Jan.
1692 d. young; Ebenezer, 15 Aug. 1696; Jonathan; Hannah, 20 Aug.
1700; Joseph, 4 June 1705; Aaron, 6 Nov. 1708; Patience; and
John, again; and d. 23 Dec. 1737. His will, of 1735, names w. the five
s. and two ds. liv. and childr. of d. Patience. EPHRIAM, Kittery, bef.
1690, had, beside Samuel, Martha, who, w. m. John Wentworth of Dover,
and Mary, wh. m. Ephraim Wentworth. GEORGE, Easthampton, L. I.
1660. Thompson. HUMPHREY, Reading, by Mr. Eaton ins. among
early sett. m. at Cambridge, 12 Sept. 1677, Elizabeth Smith, had not issue
kn. to me. JAMES, Charleston, perhaps s. of Richard, m. 25 Nov.
1673, Hannah, d. of John George, who join. the ch. 15 Apr. 1677, and
was then bapt. had James, b. 19 Dec. 1674 ; Hannah, 16, bapt. 22 July
1677; Elinor, bapt. 16 May 1680; James, again b. 1, bapt. 5 Feb. 1682;
Richard, 13, bapt. 19 0ct. 1684; Elizabeth 27 Dec. 1686, bapt. 2 Jan. foll.; John,
b. 27 Aug. 1688; Mary, 6, bapt. 15 June 1690, and Ruth, 31 Dec. 1693,
bapt. 7 Jan. foll. and he d. 10 Jan. 1705; aged a. 64. His wid. d. 11 Dec.
1733, aged 78. He d. 2 Aug. 1676, Farmer says, tho. a doubt arises as
to the justness of the date, exc. for that of d. of his first b. ch. None of
this name was ever heard of at C. a short time prior, certain. no householder
in 1658. Yet in Dec. 1676 a James is adm. of the ch. and freem.
in May foll. and in Mar. of next yr. two Jameses are among the householders,