Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p174

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Volume 3, Page 174

that he had not complet. and published. His copy is in the library of
the Mass. Hist. Soc. JOSEPH, Dorchester, s. of Timothy, m. 2 or
or 20 June 1689, Sarah Clap, had Catharine, b. a. 1690, and he d. a.
1691. NATHANIEL, Dorchester, s. of Richard, b. at Toxteth, near
Liverpool, Eng. went some yrs. aft. his gr. at Harv. to Eng. had the
living at Barnstable, 1656, by presentat. of Oliver Cromwell, it is
wildly said, meaning, perhaps, by his recommend. for eccles. patronage
had ceased; ejected in 1662, preach. at Rotterdam, aft. some yrs. was
at Dublin, success. to his br. Samuel, whence he sent contrib. for relief
to the suffer. in Philip's war 1676, and last in London, d. 26 July 1697,
hav. serv. at the altar 47 yrs. in Eng. Holland, Ireland, and Eng. again.
RICHARD, Dorchester, s. of Thomas, b. 1596, of an ancient fam. as his
gr.s. Cotton in Magn. III. c. 20, assures us, at Lowton, in the parish of
Winwick, Lancash. was employ. in teach. a sch. some yrs. bef. going to
the Univ. but at length, on 9 May 1618, was ent. of Brazen Nose Coll.
Oxford, yet soon call. to Toxteth, where he had taught the sch. preach.
his first sermon 30 Nov. of the same yr. There most faithful. he serv.
15 yrs. and was then suspend. for non-conform. and feeling the true
sense of his office, resolved on expatriat. In disguise he emb. at Bristol
in the James, arr. 17 Aug. 1635, aft. peril in the remarka. storm two
days bef. and on 25 Oct. with w. Catharine join. the ch. of Boston. He
had m. 29 Sept. 1624, that d. of Edmund Holt, Esquire, of Bury, in
Lancash. had Samuel, b. 13 May 1626, H. C. 1643; Timothy; Nathaniel,
20 Mar. 1630, H. C. 1647, bef. ment.; and Joseph, wh. d. in
childhood; aft. com. to N. E. had Eleazer, 13 May 1637, H. C. 1656;
and Increase, 21 June 1639, H. C. 1656, bef. ment. He was a man of
excel. discretion, of less learning, it is prob. than his ambitious s. Increase,
and less brilliancy, it is clear, than his eccentr. gr.s. the never
dying author of Magnalia, but in true serv. as min. happier than either,
and better than both. He was sett. at D. 23 Aug. 1636; his w. d. 1655,
and he m. 26 Aug. 1656, Sarah, wid. of his great friend John Cotton, and
d. 22 Apr. 1669. A few days bef. he had met a great indignity, in being
refus. adm. with sundry others, sent by an ecclesiast. council, met at Boston,
to attempt conciliat. in the first ch. there, as John Hull, one of the
aggriev. mem. relates in his Diary, p. 229 of the Vol. pub. by the Antiq.
Soc of Worcester. The wid. made her will 3 May 1670, but did not d. for
six yrs. His life, written by Increase, print. 1670, is condensed in the
Magn. the author of wh. could never be scrupulous in use of materials;
and of course he shows that he had not resort. to the MS. of the journal of
his gr.f. Yet the slight extracts from the interesting work, caused a desire
for the orig. wh. in Young's Chron. was print. from the autogr. 210 yrs.
aft. its date. RICHARD, Dorchester, s. of Timothy, m. 1 July 1680,