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Volume 3, Page 150

was the only male on this side of the sea with this surname. He left
eight s. and three ds. all of wh. m. and had s. and ds. SHADRACH,
Newport 1668, sw. alleg. 1 June of that yr. had, beside two other s.
Edward; and Ann, wh. m. 18 Sept. 1682, John Keese.

    MANWARING, NATHANIEL, is by Whitman call. of ar. co. 1644, but
his resid. is unkn. OLIVER, New London 1664, in the tax list of 1666
his name is spell. Mannering, but the Col. Rec. of 1669, when he was
offer. for freem. recovers his right; m. Elizabeth d. of Richard Raymond,
but Miss Caulkins in ano. place calls her Hannah, had Hannah, Elizabeth
Prudence, and Love, all bapt. 1671; Richard, 13 July 1673; Judith,
Apr. 1676; Oliver, 2 Feb. 1679; Bathsheba, 9 May 1680; Ann, 18
June 1682; and Mercy, whose bapt. is not found, nor the b. of any one;
but of the five preced. the last we may be content with dates of bapt.
He d. 3 Nov. 1723, aged 90, when all those ch. were liv. and the eight
ds. m. tho. Miss Caulkins gives not the names of any one exc. Love, wh.
m. John Richards; and it is said Elizabeth m. 7 July 1686, Peter Harris.
PHILIP, New Hampshire 1683.

    MAPES, JOHN, aged 21, came from Ipswich in the Francis, 1634; but
this name is so very rare in our country, that unless he d. in few yrs. we
can hardly mistake in suppos. he was of L. I. where in 1662 goodman
Mapes of Southold, was allow. to be made freem. of Conn. Perhaps
he had first been of Salem, at least Dickinson, who was at the same
time with him at Southold, had liv. at Salem some yrs. JOSEPH,
Setauket, L. I. 1655, says Thompson's Hist. He may be the same or
THOMAS, wh. is by Wood, in his Hist. placed at Southold 1640.

    MARBLE, JOHN, Boston, by w. Judith, had John, b. 10 Nov. 1646.
JOSEPH, Andover, m. 30 May 1671, Mary Faulkner, prob. d. of Edmund,
had Deborah, wh. d. 30 June 1673; and prob. other ch. JOSEPH,
Andover, perhaps s. of the preced. m. 23 Apr. 1695, Hannah Barnard,
unless this m. were by the bef. ment. of a sec. w. NICHOLAS, Ipswich,
1654, Gloucester 1658, but not there sett. SAMUEL, Andover 1660, m.
26 Nov. 1675, Rebecca Andrews, prob. for sec. w. WILLIAM, Charlestown,
or Malden, by w. Elizabeth had Mary, b. 10 Apr. 1642; but perhaps he rem. for
Frothingham, in his list of 1658, does not include the name, nor do we see it
among ch. memb. tho. he was freem. 1654.

    MARCH, GEORGE[1], Newbury, brot. by Stephen Kent, in the Confidence,
as a serv. from Southampton, 1638, aged 16, and he may be thot.
to be that freem. 1666, at Boston, whose name in Geneal. Reg. is print.
Marg, wh. ano. eye, almost as practiced as Paige's, made Marcy, for
thus Farmer's correspondent instruct. him. GEORGE, Newbury, s. of
Hugh, freem. 1683, m. 12 June 1672, Mary, d. of John Folsom of Exeter
had George, b. 6 Oct. 1674; John, 18 Aug. 1676; Mary, 28 Aug. 1678,