Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p143


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Volume 3, Page 143

    MADIVER, JOEL, Casco, s. of Michael, driv. by Ind. war, 1676, to
Boston, there by w. Rebecca had Mercy, b. 12 Aug. 1677; ret. aft. the
peace; and in the third war was k. by the French, Aug. 1703. His s.
Joel liv. at Falmouth. MICHAEL, Casco, was in the part call. Perpoodick,
now Cape Elizabeth, aft. 1658. See Willis, I. and II. But he own. ld.
on W. side of the Spurwink riv. wh. makes the E. bound of Scarborough,
and there first liv. His inv. Aug. 1670, was small. He m. a
wid. Carter. See Southgate, 74. Oft. this name is found Madeford,
and in Geneal. Reg. III. 194, becomes Madinde, and in V. 264, Maddine.

    MAGOON, MAGOUN, McGOWN, or MAKOON, ELIAS, Duxbury, s. of
John the first, by w. Hannah had David, b. 1 Nov. 1703; Mary, 24
Mar. 1705; and Elias, 9 Oct. 1707 ; Recompence ; and Ruth; but
perhaps his sec. w. Ruth was mo. of this last. He liv. in that part
wh. was made Pembroke 1712, and a. 1727. His will of 13 Aug. pro.
25 Sept. of that yr. names w. Ruth and the s. and ds. s.-in-law John
Clark, perhaps h. of Mary. Of this stock was the late eminent shipbuilder
of Medford. HENRY, Dover 1657-83, at Exeter took the o. of
alleg. 1677, had s. Alexander and John. JAMES, Duxbury, eldest s. of
John of Scituate, by w. Sarah had James, b. 25 Mar. 1697; Thomas;
Isaac, wh. prob. d. young; and Sarah. He d. 1705, and his wid. Sarah
admin. the est. bef. close of wh. a. 1720, James was d. His wid. Sarah
m. 23 Nov. 1710, Stephen Bryant. JOHN, Scituate, bef. 1662, was
among freeholders 1666, had m. at Hingham, and had a d. b. 1663,
whose name is not ment. but was, perhaps, Hannah; James, 25 June
1666; and at S. had John, b. 1668; Elias, 1673; and Isaac, 1675. His
will, of 20 May 1697, pro. 27 June 1712, names w. Rebecca, eldest s.
James, the other three s. and d. Hannah Loven. JOHN, Marshfield, s.
of the preced. prob. had John, and, perhaps, others. JONATHAN, Hingham

    MAGSON, RICHARD, Boston 1634, in the employm. of James Everill,
as the ch. rec. of his adm. 2 Oct. ment. but no more is kn.

July 1667, Patience Russell, had sev. ch. of wh. prob. was Margaret,
wh. m. 26 May 1690, David Stodder.

    MAHOONE, DERMIN or DORMAN, Boston 1646, of wh. I hear nothing
but that by w. Deiner, or Dinah, he had Daniel, b. 4 Dec. 1646; and
Honor, 29 Oct. 1648; and his w. Dinah d. 8 Jan. 1657.

    MAINE or MAYEN, EZEKIEL, Stonington 1610, offered to be freem.
1673. EZEKIEL, Stonington, s. of tbe preced. m. 14 Jan. 1689, Mary
Wells. JOHN, Boston, in a petn. to Andros and the counc. 1687, says
that 30 yrs. since he had purch. ho. and lds. at what is now North Yarmouth,
and when tbe Ind. burnt his ho. and k. two of his s.-inlaw, he