Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p137

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Volume 3, Page 137

Eng. freem. 1645, had Thomas, b. 25 Mar. 1647 or 8; Eliz. 20 Apr.
1650; Joseph, 13 Dec. 1652; and, perhaps, other ch. d. 15 Oct. 1693,
aged 78; his w. Eliz. aged 81, hav. d. six wks. bef. Eliz. m. 26 Aug.
1670, Peter Tufts. THOMAS, Charlestown, prob. s. of the preced. by w.
had Mary, bapt. 18 May 1684. betw. the fams. of Boston and of
Charlestown, under this patronym. no relat. is discov. Oft. the spell.
in var. rec. is Lind, Linds, and even Lines. Six had, in 1834, been gr.
at Harv. and five at Yale.

    LYNN or LYME, HENRY, Boston 1630, prob. came in the fleet with
Winthrop wh. speaks of his dissatisfact. with our governm. I. 61, by w.
Sarah had Sarah, b. 20 Aug. 1636; Elizabeth 27 Mar. 1638; Ephraim, 16
Jan. 1640; and Rebecca, 15 Feb. 1646, all of wh. she, as wid. Lynn,
hav. m. Hugh Gunnison, brot. to bapt. 23 May 1647. The ch. rec.
indicates the age of ea. of them, and these dates, exc. for the youngest,
concur; but this is said to be 5 yrs. and a 3 mos. and we may therefore
believe the rec. of b. to be monstrous. incorrect. He was of York
1640, prob. and in 1645 went to Virginia, carry. most of his prop. there
d. soon, for his w. and four ch. only £4.18.10. remain. aft. debts paid.
Joanna, perhaps his d. m. 19 July 1660, William Williams.

    LYON, GEORGE, Dorchester 1666, freem. 1669, of wh. no more
is kn. but that, he m. Hannah, d. of Thomas Tolman, had George, b.
16 Dec. 1662; Thomas, 10 Mar. 1665; and in 1678 he join. the new
ch. gather. at Milton. His wid m. the sec. William Blake. HENRY,
Milford 1646, was of Fairfield 1652, where he m. the only d. of
William Bateman. JAMES, Salem, d. 30 Aug. 1661. JAMES,
Roxbury, had Ann, b. 4 Mar. 1683. JOHN, Salem 38, when,
Felt says, he had gr. of ld. liv. prob. on Marblehead side in
1648. JOHN, Roxbury, eldest s. of the first William, m. 10 May 1670,
Abigail, d. of John Polley, had John, b. 14 May 1673; William, 15
Sept. 1675; Joseph, 10 Feb. 1678; Benjamin, 1680, d. soon; Abigail,
12 July 1682; Benjamin, again, 18 Dec. 1684; Bethia, 20 Oct. 1690;
Ebenezer, 10 Mar. 1693; Nehemiah, 23 July 1695; and Hannah, 22
Apr. 1698, d. Dec. foll. and he and his w. were bur. says the rec. in one
grave 15 Jan. 1702. He had intermed. liv. at Dorchester, and was
freem. 1690. JOSEPH, Roxbury, s. of the first William, was a soldier
of Turner's comp. Mar. 1676, m. 23 Mar. 1681, Mary, d. of John Bridge,
had Mary, b. 9 Jan. foll; d. soon; Joseph, 4 July 1684; and, Mary, again, Oct.
1686; perhaps, rem. for no more occurs of them in the rec. unless he be that
one wh. d. 19 June 1724, but said to be in 47th yr. by the inscript. wh.
may be erron. Gen. Reg. VII. 331. PETER, Dorchester, freem. 1649,
had Mary, b. 4 Nov. 1650; Elkanah or Elhanan, 23 Sept. 1652; Nathaniel,
28 Dec. 1654; Susanna, 25 Mar. 1658; Ebenezer, 20 Feb.
1661; and, perhaps, others. His sec[1] w. Hannah or[1] Ann, was d. of
Thomas Tolman, and
[1] d. 26 Nov. 1689. PETER, Dorchester, freem. of
1690, may have been s. of the preced. RICHARD, Cambridge, sent by