Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p132

Volume 3, Page 132

    LUSCOMB, HUMPHREY, Boston 1686, was a major, d. 10 June 1688,
and prob. his w. or d. had d. 1 Feb. 1687, as Sewall marks. WILLIAM,
Salem 1686, a cooper, perhaps had w. and fam. for the name has cont. there.

    LUSHER, ELEAZER, Dedham 1637, one of the found. of the ch.
1638, freem. 13 Mar. 1639, was of ar. co. 1638, as one of the founders,
rep. 1640, for many yrs. aft. Assist. 1662 to his d. capt. in 1644, and
head of the regim. later; had for sec. w. Mary, wid. of John Gwin of
Charlestown, but not any ch. is kn. unless Samuel, wh. d. says the rec.
28 Dec 1638 were one. He has high charact. in Wonder Work.
Provid. and d. 3 or 13 Nov. 1672. His will was made 23 Sept. 1672,
as in our Vol. VII. at the Reg. is kn. and his wid. 26 Jan. foll. made her
will, both pro. together 6 Feb. aft.

    LUSON or LEUSON, JOHN, Dedham 1637, one of the found. of the
ch. freem. 13 Mar. 1639, d. May 1661, his will of 15 Feb. preced. in
wh. he dispos. of his est. names no ch. nor near relat. exc. Thomas,
Robert, and Susan, ch. of Robert L. in Old Eng. late dec. to wh. a
legacy is giv. to be equal. div. within two yrs. aft. the d. of his w.
Martha. Also he names kinswo. Ann, w. of William Barstow of Scituate,
but he gave the larger part of his est. to his neighb. Thomas Battelle,
special. remembr. his ch. John and Mary.

    LUTHER, HEZEKIAH, Swansey, had Edward, b. 27 Apr. 1674.
JOHN, Taunton 1639, by Baylies, I. 286, numb. as one of the purch. yet
may have been of Gloucester 1647. SAMUEL, Rehoboth 1662, was sec.
Bapt. min. at Swansey, ord. 22 July 1685, d. 1717. He had Experience,
b. 3 Mar. 1675. That town of R. sent many in the mad expedit.
of Phips against Quebec
, 1690, of wh. one was SAMUEL, perhaps s. of
the preach. Progeny in that quarter is very much diffused. Benedict,
Hist. I. 426. SAMUEL, Norwich 1675. A capt. of a vessel trading to
Delaware, from Boston, of this name, in 1644, was k. by the Ind. in
that riv. See Winthrop II. 203, 237.

    LUX, JOHN, Saco 1664, had there d. Mary, and s. Joseph, I presume
by first w. for he had lately m. Mary, wid. of Gregory Jeffries, wh. in
her will of 8 Sept. of that yr. provid. for her s. John by former h. with
proviso, that if he d. bef. 17 yrs. of age, Mary and Joseph Lux should
have that portion; and I presume that he liv. many yrs. aft. as I find
JOHN, Boston, mariner, in 1676 styled junr. as if there were an elder of
that name. WILLIAM, Exeter, sw. alleg. to Mass. 14 July 1657.

    LUXFORD, JAMES, Cambridge, by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. Sept. 1637;
and Reuben, Feb. 1641. REUBEN, Cambridge, s. of the preced. m. 22
June 1669, at Lancaster, w. Margaret, had Margaret, b. 27 July 1673;
was freem. 1674. His w. d. 31 Aug. 1691. STEPHEN, Haddam, d.
1676, leav. w. but no ch.