Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p91

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Volume 2, Page 91

Gershom, b. 29 Dec. foll. THOMAS, Dedham, by w. Margaret had John, b. 6
Oct. 1642 ; Mary, 24 May 1 645; and prob. other ch. ; John, whose d. 17 Sept.
1641 is there rec. was his s. b. 16 May preced. His w. d. and he rem. to
Cambridge, m. a. 1662, Mary, wid. of Jonathan Paddleford, had Thomas, bapt.
12 July 1663; rem. to Sudbury, freem. 1665, there had Samuel, b. 15 Jan.
1665; Margaret, 8 July 1666; Nathaniel, 30 Dec. 1668; rem. to Sherborn, the
part wh. bec. Framingham, had Sarah, 3 Oct. 1670; and Lydia, 29 June 1672.
He d. 25 Jan. 1680, hav. on 1 Feb. 1676 suffer. by Ind. burn. his build. k.
his w. and some ch. carry. others capt. His d. Margaret, wh. had been at 10
yrs. tak. by the Ind. m. 21 Feb. 1688, Joseph Adams. Six of this name had
been gr. at N. E. coll. in 1831, one half at Harv. of wh. Rev. Jonathan, H. C.
1752, was min. of Newtown, N. H. Sometimes the spell. is Emes.

    EARLE, FRANCIS, a soldier, Dec. 1675, in Moseley's camp. at the gr.
Narraganset swamp fight. JOHN[1], Northampton 1662, had come to Boston
1656, aged 17, in the Speedwell from London, at N. liv. a. 15 yrs. but rem.
to unkn. place, after hav. there m. 24 Mar. 1663, Mary. d. of the first John
of the same, and had Noah, John, and three ds. of wh. Mary, k. by the
Ind. 14 Mar. 1676, was, perhaps, one. JOHN, Boston 1688, may have been s.
of the preced. m. 5 Apr. 1689, Mary, d. of George Lawrence of Watertown, had
Mary, b. 9 Jan. bapt. 22 June 1690; and he prob. d. soon, and his wid. m. 27 Dec.
1704, Michael Flagg. * RALPH[2], Rhode Isl. 1638, among freem. 1655, had been adm.
an inhab. of the June 1639, perhaps had s. Ralph; and William; ds. Mary, wh. m.
William Corey; Martha, wh. m. William Wood; and Sarah, wh. m. Thomas Cornell.
He had been rep. 1650. RALPH[3], Dartmouth, eldest s. of the preced. rem. from.
R. I. in conseq. of a gift to him of half a sh. in Coaxit and Acushnet, 25 Oct. 1659,
by Francis Sprague of Duxbury, call. him s.-in-law. His w. was Dorcas, and ch.
were John, William, Ralph, Joseph, and perhaps that Hannah, wh. m. 27 Aug.
1719, William Brown. He was propr. after mid. life at Dartmouth, and own.
among the opposite islands, the interesting Cuttyhunk, for full value of wh. see
Belknap's Amer. Biogr. II. 114. He was liv. prob. in 1686, and a Ralph jr.
at the same time in the same town, s. of William. ROBERT, Boston 1679,
kept the prison 1681, and sev. yrs. after, d. 1698. ROBERT[4], Newport, had
come in the Hercules, I suppose, 1634, to some part of Mass. was b. 1606,
it was said, yet had w. in 1699 liv. at age of 105, however unlikely that she
was so many yrs. older; but I see reason to believe, that at Newport the earliest
kn. of that name was b. 1706, and that Farmer was wrong. There were Roger