Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p67


Volume 2, Page 67

of the illustr. house of Cecil, and their s. Sir George, after sit. in two
Parliam. of Queen Anne, and the first of Geo. II. d. without issue, and left
the splendid resid. devise to the Univ. of Cambr. wh. laid the founda. of
Downing Coll. In possess. of Dawson Turner, Esqr. F. A. S. at Great
Yarmouth, is a collect. of Downing papers, in wh. some curious matter may
prob. exist. I had slight inspect. of them in 1842, but look. only at the
earliest, when the N. E. youth was scout-master-gen. in Scotland. A
despatch from Downing, of 3 Sept. 1651, that day of Worcester route, wh.
Cromwell, with proper forecast, call. his crowning mercy, may be read in
Cary's Memorials of the civ. war, Vol. II. It is far more perspicuous and
soldier-like than that of the Command.-in-Chief. But the skill or valor
of such a field was no longer in request, and it was to his fidel. probity,
and diligence in other affairs that Oliver direct. John Milton to certify.
Winthrop II. 241. Hutch. I. 111. JOHN, Charlestown; to his w. Joanna
wh. bore him Mary, 6 Aug. 1659, d. 13 Nov. foll., was giv. admin.
of his est. 2 Apr. 1663, and she m. 29 Oct. foll. Richard Holly. JOHN,
Wells, perhaps s. of Dennis, or br. had John, b. a. 1660. JOHN,
Ipswich, m. 2 Nov. 1669, Mehitable, d. of Richard Brabrook, had John, b. 31
Oct. 1673; Margaret, 7 Feb. 1679; and Richard, wh. d. 3 Nov. 1702. JOHN,
Braintree 1673, was a soldier in Philip's war with Capt. Turner, in Apr.
1676, on Conn. riv. sett. at Hatfield, m. soon after, Mary, wid. of Thomas
Meakins, jr. (wh. had been k. by the Ind. the yr. bef.) had Jonathan, b. 1677;
and John, 1678; perhaps rem. from. H. JOSHUA, Kittery, perhaps s. of
Dennis of the same, by w. Rebecca had Elizabeth b. late in the 17th centu. and
perhaps others. MALCOLM, Lynn, a Scotchman, m. June 1653, Margaret
Sullivan, had Mary, b. Feb. 1655; Hannah, 3 Apr. 1657; Sarah, 1 Mar. 1659;
Margaret, 15 Jan. 1661; Priscilla, 15 Mar. 1662; Catharine, 15 Aug. 1665;
John, 20 Nov. 1667; and Joanna, 26 Feb. 1671. RICHARD of Ipswich, d. 3 Nov.
1702, but I kn. nothing more of him, exc. that in 1664 (three yrs. bef. he
was m.), he was 27 yrs. old, yet from seeing him among proprs. of Salem or
Marblehead 1674, had w. Mary, I venture to guess that he was a gr.s. of
Emanuel. THEOPHILUS, Salem 1642, had gr. of ld. 29 Nov. of that yr. and s.
Theophilus, bapt. 13 Mar. 1642; Ann, or Hannah, 8 Sept. 1644; and Benjamin,
17 Jan. 1647; in the first two instances the ch. are noted as of our sis.
D. and in the last as of Ellen D. He is call. the fisherman, and nothing,
more is ascert. He was of Marblehead part of the town, perhaps br. of
Richard or of Malcolm, and may have had other ch. His w. may have come
from some other town. WILLIAM, Boston, freem. 1690.

    DOWNTON, WILLIAM, Salem, freem. 1668 by w. Rebecca had William,
b. 12 Apr. 1665; John, 17 June 1669; was gaol-keeper 1686. Perhaps his d.
Mary m. 15 Nov. 1676, Thomas Flint. WILLIAM, Ipswich, perhaps s. of
the preced. by w. Mary had William, b. 8 Apr. 1695; Mary, 7 Apr. 1696;
and Elizabeth4 June 1698. Felt.