Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p572


Volume 2, Page 572

sis. of his w. and other prison. but k. the ch. in the woods. He had sec.
w. Hannah, and outliv. a fourth w. was a capt. and d. at gr. age in
Leominster, at the ho. of his s. John, 8 Apr. 1759. The Hon. David
Wilder, the modest histor. of Leominster, was a descend. RICHARD,
Saybrook, a freem. of Conn. 1669, spelt Joseland. THOMAS, Hingham,
a husbandman, aged 43, with w. Rebecca, 43; and ch. Rebecca, 18;
Dorothy, 11; Nathaniel, 8; Elizabeth 6; and Mary, 1; beside Elizabeth Ward,
a serv. 38; came from London, 1635, in the Increase; was among
grantees of Sudbury 1640, not resid. but aft. some yrs. rem. to Lancaster,
where he sign. the civ. compact, 12 Nov. 1654, hav. perhaps for
short time liv. at Boston, where Elizabeth m. 21 June 1652, Edward
Yeomans, and next, 9 May 1662, Edward Kilby; but at Lancaster he
d. 3 Jan. 1661. His will of 9 May preced. pro. 2 Apr. foll. made extrix.
w. Rebecca, wh. m. 16 May 1661, William Kerley, and names s. Abraham,
and Nathaniel, gr.s. Nathaniel, and ds. Rebecca Nichols, w. of
Thomas; Mary, w. of Roger Sumner; and Elizabeth Yeomans. Copious
notes by the dilig. and accur. librar. of the Univ. are pub. in Geneal.
Reg. II. 306, of this progenit. but he fell into slight mistake in say.
neither the will nor inv. is on rec. Both are, tho. not where he expect.
to find them. All the descend. of this patriarch, it is believ. until the
end of last century, spelt the name Joslin, tho. sometimes Joslyn.

    JOY, EPHRAIM, Hingham, s. of Thomas, by w. Susanna had
Tabitha, b. 25 Sept. 1677. ISAAC, Guilford, d. 1675, had brs. and
sis. JACOB, Fairfield, rem. to Killingworth, m. 23 May 1672, Elizabeth
Wellman, wh. was d. of William Spencer of Hartford, and wid. of William
W. of New London and Killingworth, had Deborah, b. 23 Feb.
1673; Jacob, 14 Mar. 1675; Walter, 14 Aug. 1677; Mary, 17 Sept.
1680. Deborah m. 19 Nov. 1691, Andrew Ward; Mary m. 30 Mar.
1699, Peter Ward; both of Killingworth, and the other ch. d. young.
JOSEPH, Hingham, s. of Thomas, m. 29 Aug. 1667, Mary, d. of John
Prince, had Joseph, b. 31 July 1668; Thomas, 25 Nov. 1669; Margaret,
6 Mar. 1671, d. at 3 mos.; Margaret, again, 15 Apr. 1672, d. in
few wks.; John, Sept. 1675, d. next mo.; Benjamin, 19 Sept. 1676;
John, again, 10 Oct. 1678, d. young; Simon, 6 Nov. 1679, d. at 8 mos.;
Sarah, 14 Apr. 1681; Jonathan, 22 Dec. 1682; Margaret, again, 14
Dec. 1683; Deborah, 14 Jan. 1686; Ruth, 27 Nov. 1687, d. Mar. foll.;
and Lydia, 12 Mar. 1689, d. in few days. He was ens. made his will 4
Aug. 1670, but liv. to 31 May 1697. PETER, Salem, m. 24 May 1661,
Sarah Gaskin, prob. d. of Edward, had David, b. 6 Apr. 1662; Ann, 7
Aug. 1663; Sarah, 1 Jan. 1666; Peter, 3 Dec. 1669; William, 13 Dec.
1675; and Samuel, 25 July 1678. SAMUEL, Hingham, s. of Thomas,
m. 13 Nov. 1668, Ann, d. of Edmund Pitts, had Samuel, b. 20 Oct.
1670; and, I presume, d. in few yrs. and his wid. m. 5 Apr. 1678, Benjamin
Eastman. || THOMAS, Boston 1638, a ho. carpenter, by w. Joan,
of John Gallop, had Samuel, b. 26 Feb. 1640, bapt. 19 Sept. 1641,