Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p547


Volume 2, Page 547

d. young; Ruth, 7 June 1689, d. soon; Ruth, again, 28 June 1690;
John, again, 15 Aug. 1692; and Ann, 9 Apr. 1694. His w. d. 27 Oct.
1695; and he m. 1 Apr. 1696, Apphia, d. of Benjamin Rolfe of Newbury.
ROGER, Saybrook, rem. to Middletown, d. 1680, leav. Samuel,
aged 8; Jonathan, 6; one d. Martha, 5; and Roger, 18 mos. His wid.
Martha m. Thomas Allyn of M. SAMUEL, Middletown, s. of the preced.
was a deac. d. 1748. THOMAS, Boston, by w. Hannah had Richard, b.
16 Apr. 1692; Hannah, 29 Dec. 1693; and Emma, 9 Feb. 1696.

    JERMON, EDWARD, Providence. See Inman; for so Judge Staples
reads the name.

    JERNELL, THOMAS, a miller, aged 27, unless the custom ho. rec. mistake
the name, came from London, 1635, in the Planter.

    JESS, JESSE, JOSE or JOYCE, DAVID, Boston, goldsmith, m. bef. 18
Aug. 1698, Mary, d. of Phineas Wilson of Hartford, had David, b. 18
Apr. 1700; Mary, 20 May 1701. Phineas, 24 Dec. 1702; Elizabeth 8 May
1704; and Susanna, 13 Jan. 1706. He had good est. with his w. and
d. 1708. His wid. Mary m. 1717, Joseph King; Elizabeth m. 1726, Richard
Austin; and Susanna m. 1727, Thomas King; all of Suffield.
WILLIAM, Windsor, where the name was Joyce, rem. to Springfield,
there had Abigail, b. 1 Mar. 1645; and was drown. at Enfield Falls, in
the riv. 29 Oct. foll. Abigail m. 18 June 1664, James Wright, as in
Geneal. Reg. IV. 358 is said; but a higher authority gives me 18 Jan.

    JESSON, || JACOB, Boston, merch. agent of his br. Abraham, ironmong.
of London, was of ar. co. 1673.

    JESSOP, EDWARD, Stamford, a. 1650, Newtown, L. I. 1656, was of
Westchester 1664, had in 1633, or earlier, sold ld. in Fairfield, but took
est. again there. His will of 16 Aug. 1666, names w. Elizabeth and ds. Elizabeth wh.
m. Thomas Hunt; and Hannah. * JOHN, an early sett at Wethersfield, might
seem to have d. at or near Hartford, 1637, as by order of Gen. Ct. Feb.
1637, all credit. were to prod. claims in May foll. but that means credit.
of John Oldham, and Jessop may have been one prosecut. a suit bef. d.
of O. wh. might well cause this ment. of him, and such, I think, must be
the construct.; unit. with others in 1640 to go to sett. Stamford, rem. to
Greenwich, was rep. 1664 for that town, prob. with Westchester or Rye,
and made commisnr. with authority at Westchester; but in 1673 liv. at
Southampton, on L. I. PHILIP, a soldier, 1676, in Philip's war.

    JEWELL, GEORGE, Saco, mariner, may be that unhappy man, whose
loss in 1637, is relat. by Winthrop I. 244. See Folsom, 33.125. JOSEPH,
Watertown, by w. Martha had Joseph, b. June 1673; and Martha, 25
July 1675. Perhaps he was there only trans. resid. driv. by the fear of
Ind. hostil. in the condit. of his w. from some frontier town, as if he
were s. of Thomas might seem his nat. spot in Braintree, tho. Sudbury