Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p546

Volume 2, Page 546

wh. d. 1 Mar. 1723, had Judith, b. 13 Aug. 1667; Mercy, or
Mary, 23 Jan. 1669, d. young; Rachel, 8 Oct. 1671;Samuel, 12 Oct.
1673; Elizabeth 12 Apr. 1676; William; Grace, 11 Feb. 1679; Peter, 1
Oct. 1681; Robert, 25 July 1684; and Lydia, 18 May 1688; was
ensign; freem. 1682; d. 15 Oct. 1701. But the names and dates of
some of these ch. are various. giv. by Bond, 307, and Geneal. Reg.
VII. 71. *|| WILLIAM, Watertown, br. of Robert, came, prob. in the
fleet, 1630, with Sir Richard Saltonstall and Winthrop freem. 18 May
1631, having req. adm. 19 Oct. bef. hav. liv. at Bermuda some time, was
ensign 1633, serv. in the Pequot war 1636, as Underhill tells; lieut. and
capt. aft. rep. 1635, and very often later, ar. co. 1638, went home 1651;
and in Apr. 1657 his br. Robert, as his Atty. conveys est. of William of
Colchester, Co. Essex. Winthrop II. 176, is explicit in his praise. Five
of the name had, in 1828, been gr. at Harv. and two at Dart.

    JENNY, ‡ * JOHN, Plymouth, wh. was a brewer of Norwich, went to
Holland in his youth, liv. at Rotterdam, came in the James, a little
vessel of 44 tons, built for the Pilgrims of Leyden, arr. Aug. 1623. with
w. Sarah (wh. he m. at Leyden, 1 Nov. 1614, by the name of Carey),
and ch. Samuel, Abigail, and Sarah, at the same time with the Ann,
therefore with her passeng. reckon. among "old comers," had b. here
John, and Susanna, was an Assist. 1637-39, and rep. 1641. His will,
28 Dec. 1643, names w. and the five ch. but provides that the eldest d.
Abigail should live one yr. with Rev. Charles Chauncey of Scituate bef.
m. with Henry Wood. He d. early in the foll. yr. and his wid. wh. was
one of the first purch. of Dartmouth in 1652, by her will, of 4 Apr.
1654, and codic. 18 Aug. 1655, nam. ds. Sarah Pope, and Abigail Wood,
s. Samuel, and his ch. Sarah Wood, Susanna Pope, and Sarah
Jenny, and giv. Elder Cushman "the Bible wh. was my d. Susanna's,"
permits us to infer that both the younger ch. were d. and perhaps that
John had left d. Sarah. JOHN, Dartmouth, s. prob. of Samuel, but
possib. of John, certain. of the preced. was a resid. 1686. OTIS,
Dartmouth 1686, prob. a gr.s. of the first John, but whether s. of John
or of Samuel is unkn. and it may be, that he was a gr.s. of one of them.
SAMUEL, Plymouth, s. of the first John, rem. early to Dartmouth, where
he was liv. 1686; had Samuel, b. 3 July 1659, and some elder ch. one
of wh. was Sarah, refer. to in the will of their SAMUEL, Dartmouth,
s. of the preced. was an inhab. 1686. The name in the rec. of div. of lds.
1623, reads Jenings.

    JEPSON or JEPHSON, CHRISTOPHER, Dorchester 1646. JOHN,
Boston 1647, m. 7 May 1656, Emma, wid. of John Coddington, had John, b. 1
Mar. 1657, d. in few wks. and Richard, 14 June 1660. JOHN, Boston, s. of the
preced. by w. Ruth, d. of Richard Gardner of Woburn, had John, b. 24 Aug. 1687,