Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p540


Volume 2, Page 540

not, where he sat down. FRANCIS, Falmouth, a. 1685. Willis, I. 218.
GEORGE, Windsor, had there Mary, b. 12 June 1669; Hannah, 23 Aug.
1671; Elizabeth 24 Dec. 1675; rem. to Suffield, there had James, 1681, wh.
was of Westerly, R. I. 1709; also he had Sarah, and perhaps other ch.
and d. 15 Sept. 1683. GEORGE, Boston 1676, a merch. from Scotland,
may have been, 1684, at Portsmouth, the mem. of Moody's ch. wh. had
a vessel, seiz. by Edward Randolph, wh. was rescu. See Farmer's note
in Belkn. I. 104. GREGORY, Wells, was freem. 1653, constable 1658,
had w. Mary and s. John, an inf. as his will of 14 Jan. 1662, only two or
three days bef. his d. shows. To ea. he gave half of his est. and his
wid. m. John Lux. By her will of 8 Sept. 1664, she gave some of her
prop. to her h. and more to her s. but if he (1. bef. 17 yrs. old then to
Mary Lux and her br. Joseph. JOHN, Boston, eldest s. of the first
David, m. 24 Sept. 1713, Ann d. of Thomas Clark, had only Ann,
b. 25 June 1719 or 20, d. young. ROBERT, Charlestown, came in
the Elizabeth and Ann 1635, aged 30, emb. at London with w. Mary, 27,
and ch. Thomas, 7; Elizabeth 6; and Mary, 3; two maid serv. Susan Brown,
21; and Hannah Day, 20. His w. unit. with the ch. in Apr. of next yr.
but tho. in the great relig. schism, I do not find him so promin. as to be
public. censur. yet he rem. with the disaffect. to R. I. 1638, where he
was in high repute as physician, and treasr. of Newport 1640, and there
was liv. 1646. THOMAS, Dorchester, freem. 14 May 1634, rem. bef.
1643 to New Haven, prob. with Eaton in 1638, had serv. with reput. in
the Pequot war; was call. a serg. when he d. Aug. 1661, in good esteem.
By will, of wh. Thomas Trowbridge was excor. his cst. of �152 was
distrib. to relat. and friends, in part, and to the poor, nam. no ch. nor br. only a
sis. Sarah, w. of George Betty, and her two ch. in St Nicholas Co. Somerset.
WILLIAM, Weymouth, one of the earliest sett. in Mass. Bay, bef. Gov. Winthrop
or even capt. Endicot, prob. first at Cape Ann, and may have drift. along
shore to Manchester, early call. Jeffry's creek, or as far as Salem, and Felt
claims him for Ipswich, but of course this would be some yrs. later.
He desir. adm. 19 Oct. 1630, and was sw. freem. 18 May foll. I think he
may have had Mary, b. 20 Mar. 1642, and tradit. gives him s. John.
He may be the br. of Robert, wh. was on R. I. 1638, and certain. is
seen in the list of freem. at Newport 1655, where he d. 2 Jan. 1675,
aged 84. From his will of 8 Dec. 1674, refer. to his mo. Audry J. late
of Chittingly, Co. Sussex, it may be presum. that he came from that
shire; it names his w. Mary, eldest d. Mary, w. of John Green of N.;
s. Thomas, ds. Sarah, w. of James Barker; Priscilla, and Susanna, and
brs. of his w. John and Daniel Gould.

    JEFTS or JEFFS, HENRY, Woburn 1640, m. 13 Sept. 1647, Ann
Stowers, and next, 21 May 1649, Hannah Borth, or Births, perhaps
Booth, had John, b. 11 May 1651; Hannah, wh. d. first wk. of May
1653; Hannah, again, 14 Feb. 1655; Joanna, 24 May 1656; Henry,