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Volume 2, Page 537

two or three yrs. later. Hubbard, 191; Prince, Ann. 413; Budington,
196; Calamy, II. THOMAS, Providence 1637, one of the found. of the
first Bapt. ch. a physician, strong friend of Williams, a good serv. in the
cause of humanity, as is seen in the Hist. of Bradford, 364, and Winthrop
I. 268. THOMAS, Dedham, may be the man wh. had gr. of ld. at Salem
1638, and the same, wh. m. at Plymouth, 17 Apr. 1650, Mary Fuller,
perhaps d. of the beloved physician of the Mayflower. He came from
Marlborough, Co. Wilts, Apr. 1635 by the James from Southampton,
whose name, Mr. Somerby, in Geneal. Reg. V. 440, says is misprint.
Thomas Davyes in 3 Hist. Coll. VIII. 319. This, if correct, is an unusual
carelessn. in me, wh. may tax the ingenuity of readers to acco. for. If I
understand Mr. S. the error is not on my page, for Drake�s later copy in
Geneal. Reg. XIV. 333, agrees wholly with mine. Yet neither of us have
that surname; and I feel sure, that much less than half of the names of
passeng. on that voyage by that sh. were report. at the custom-ho.
By w. Margaret he had John, b. 16 May 1641; and perhaps soon rem.
back to S. for there he was liv. 1659. THOMAS, Lancaster, d.
shortly after 13 Mar. 1660, the date of his will, in wh. to his
w. wh. if liv. was then in Eng. and cous. nam. Isaac, Lydia,
Mary, Hannah, and Christopher Lewis, he gave all his est. and made
John Lewis, perhaps their f. his excor. Yet they may have no relat. to
our country; and he have been only trans. THOMAS, Easthampton, s.
of the first Thomas, b. in Eng. had with his f. liv. at New Haven, sev.
yrs. there was freem. early in 1645, had Elisha, Nathaniel, Abel, and
Abigail, all bapt. 19 Mar. 1648; and Ruth, 21 Mar. 1650; and rem.
to L. I. in 1650, bec. their min. d. 1696. See Wood's Hist. Sk.
of L. I. THOMAS, Salem, 1659, wh. d. a. 1666, had James,
Joseph, and Sarah, but they all liv. in Carolina, when he d.
WILLIAM, wh. req. 10 Oct. 1630 to be adm. freem. but never took the o.
had prob. come in the fleet with Winthrop and, perhaps, went home bef.
May foll. as did, I suppose, Edmund, possib. his br. Felt thinks him the
same, wh. had gr. of ld. at Salem 1637. But this man it seems more
likely came in the Lion, arr. 16 Sept. 1632. Either of these Williams
may have been the planter at Kittery 1651. WILLIAM, Portsmouth,
R. I. on the list of freem. 1655, may have been s. of Thomas of Providence;
but it is more prob. he had been of Salem ch. and was excom.
with thirteen others, as by Hugh Peter triumphant. in his let. to ch. of
Dorchester 1 July 1639, relat. in full. Hutch. I. 421. Felt, in his list
of memb. of the Ch. thot. it his duty to omit the whole. WILLIAM,
Scituate 1673, had w. Mehitable, but no ch. Deane thot. him of a diff.
fam. from John, and that his f. was Samuel. Twelve of this name, says
Farmer, had, in 1828, been gr. at the coll. of N. E. and N. J.

    JAMESON, ANDREW, Boston 1657, one of the first mem. of the Scot's
Charit. Soc. that yr. ROBERT, Watertown 1642. WILLIAM, Charlestown,
was, I suppose, a soldier of Turner's comp. 1676, whose name is,
I think, call. Jennison in Frothingham's list of householders 1678, p.
183, bec. in Budington is found as ch. mem. 16 Oct. 1681, Goodman
William Jimmison, and such name is not seen in F. had w. Sarah, m. 18
Oct. 1677, whose gr.stone says she d. 24 Mar. 1691, aged 38, by wh.
he had William, b. 26 May 1679; Margaret, 2 June 1680; John, bapt. 7