Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p471


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Volume 2, Page 471

Nathaniel, 29 June 1691; and Esther, 23 Dec. 1693; but both of these latest
were ch. of the sec. w. Mary, wh. had admin. of his est. 1696, and soon m.
John Brown of I. All the ch. exc. Nathaniel were d. in Nov. 1701. * THOMAS,
Hadley, m. Nov. 1677, Sarah, eldest d. of Aaron Cook the sec. of Hadley, had
Thomas, b. 1678; Sarah, 1680; Abigail, 1682; Joanna, 1684; Elizabeth 1686; Miriam,
1689; Hannah, 1691, d. young; three ds. 12 Nov. 1693, wh. all d. the same day;
Daniel, 1694; Dorcas, 1697; and Rachel, 1699. He was freem. 1681, lieut. rep.
1699, and 1703, and d. 1739. Daniel d. at 22, prob. unm. Thomas m. but had
only ds. and in that part of the country the name ceased. THOMAS, Ipswich, s.
of the first Daniel, by w. Mary had Esther, b. 22 Dec. 1693; but I hear nothing
further, unless (as seems unlikely), he be the same as preced. Five of this name
had been gr. at Harv. in 1834, and four in other N. E. coll.

    HOWARD, DANIEL, Hingham, blacksmith, s. of John of Dartmouth, m. 13
May 1672, Deborah Pitts, d. of Edmund of the same, had, perhaps, Daniel, b. in
Mar. foll. wh. d. at two yrs. and he may have rem. soon to Dartmouth, where
his f. had giv. him lds. the yr. after his m. EDWARD, Boston, m. 7 June 1661,
Hannah, d. of Thomas Hawkins the baker; and it is strange that we hear no more
of him. EDWARD, Lynn, s. of Robert of the same, by w. Martha had Amos, b. 16
Apr. 1696; and Jane, 4 Mar. 1699. EPHRAIM, Bridgewater, s. of the first John
of the same
, m. Mary, d. of Rev. James Keith, had Jane, b. 17 Sept. 1689; Susanna,
8 Mar. 1692; Martha, 7 Aug. 1695; Ephraim, 25 May 1697; Daniel, 3 Oct. 1699;
David, 3 Mar. 1703; Silence, 3 June 1705; and Mary, 21 Dec. 1707; d. aged 84, 11
Aug. 1750, and his wid. d. aged 92, Feb. 1760. HENRY, Hartford, had been at
Wethersfield, there m. 28 Sept. 1648, Sarah Stone, perhaps a sis. of Rev.
Samuel, had Sarah, b. 1651, d. early; Sarah, again, 1653; Elizabeth 1656; John,
and Lydia, tw. 1661; all at W. beside Mary, and Samuel, ment. in his will,
not found in the rec. He d. Mar. 1709, leav. good est. The name most freq. is,
in the first syl. ay, but the ch. always have o. Sarah m. John Atchet, or
, had John, and Samuel, but d. bef. her f. as did, prob. Elizabeth; Lydia m.
Joseph Barnard; and Mary m. Thomas Griswold.[1] John was of Wethersfield;
Samuel, a trader at Hartford. JAMES, Boston 1677, of wh. I learn no more.
JAMES, Weymouth, had Hannah, b. 23 Sept. 1683. JAMES, Bridgewater,
s. of the first John, m. Elizabeth d. of John Washburn, had Elizabeth b.
1686; Mercy, 1688; and James, 1690; and d. that yr. in the idle crusade
against Quebec. JOHN, Dedham 1636-60. * JOHN, Bridgewater,
one of the first sett. brot. up by Capt. Miles Standish, in 1643 was of
Duxbury, a carpenter, rep. 1678, and often after, m. Martha, d. of
Thomas Hayward, had John, James, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Sarah, Bethia, and
Ephraim; and is so the progenit. of a disting. and num. fam. always