Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p382

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Volume 2, Page 382

Canda, a slave of Mrs. Margaret H. of Salem, possib. his wid. was in the
disastrous, or diabolic. infatua. of 1692, charg. as a witch, and wisely
confessing, that she learned all she knew from her mistress, not only saved
her own life but caused her mistress to be charged with the same preposterous
guilt. She was as successful as the slave by confession of a falsehood.

    HAWKESHURST or HAUXHURST, as he wrote it, or HAWXHURST, as
sometimes, the clk. wrote it, * CHRISTOPHER, Warwick, in the list of freem. 1655, and
rep. the same yr. m. a d. of Henry Reddock; rem. in few yrs. to L.I.

    HAWKESWORTH, often HAUXWORTH, THOMAS, Salisbury 1640, and orig.
propr. came, perhaps in the Christian, 1635, aged 23, unless this be the age of s.
Thomas (wh. is not prob.) had w. Mary, and by her had Mary, b. 22 Apr. 1641;
and he d. 8 Nov. 1642. His wid. m. Belshazzar Willix, and d. July 1675; d.
Mary m. 22 Nov. 1664, Onesiphorus Page. THOMAS, Salisbury, s. I suppose, of
preced. had, in 1657, w. Mary.

    HAWKINS, ABRAHAM, Charlestown 1642, freem. 1645, d. 6 Jan. 1648. Elizabeth
his w. was adm. of the ch. Apr. 1643. ‡* ANTHONY, Windsor, had Mary, b. 16
July 1644; Ruth, 24 Oct. 1649; and John, 18 Feb. 1652, by w. who d. 1655; rem.
1656, to Farmington, there m. Ann, wid. of Thomas Thompson, d. of Gov. Thomas
Wells, had by her, who d. 1680, Sarah, b. 1657; Elizabeth 1660; and Hannah, 1662;
was rep. for 17 sess. is nam. in the Chart. of Conn. 29 Apr. 1662, and was
Assist. 1668-70, d. 1674. In his will all the ch. are ment. Mary m. John
Judd; Ruth m. a Hart; Elizabeth m. a Brimsmead; and Hannah m. Richard Seymour.
Sarah d. 1678; and John, 1676, unm. The name in Conn. where it was com. writ.
with o in the first syl. ceased with this s. EDWARD, Providence, s. of the
first William of the same, sw. alleg. May 1682; by w. Esther had Esther, b. 19
July 1685; Mary, 11 Dec. 1690; Ann, 22 Sept. 1697; and perhaps more.
GAMALIEL, Salem 1688, mariner. GEORGE, Boston 1644, shipwright. JAMES,
Boston 1635, had w. Mary, d. of John Mills, s. James, b. 3 July 1652, d. soon; James,
again, 18 Mar. 1654; ds. Mary; Ruth; Damaris; Elizabeth; Susan, b. 13 Feb. 1646; and Sarah,
18 Mar. 1656, beside Peleg, 9 Mar. 1648, prob. d. young; and ten
referred to, but no nam. in his will of 25 June 1669; d. bef. Apr. 1670.
Damaris, one of his ds. m. Bartholomew Threeneedles, to wh. call. him s.-in-law,
he gave deed 31 Jan. 1668, of ld. in Boston, on wh. T. had erect a ho.
It may be of his wid. that a gr.stone in our cemet. of King's chapel says, she
d. 12 Mar. 1692, aged 76. JOB, came in the Planter from London 1635, aged 15,
at Boston, by w. Frances had Martha, b. 26 Mar. 1646; but I kn. no more. JOHN,