Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p378


Volume 2, Page 378

    HATSELL, GEORGE, Boston (by mistake of a letter for Hatsall) in rec. of the
town. See Halsall. HENRY, New Haven, came from London, where, after 1656, he
had m. Susanna, wid. of John Evance, had Henry, and d. 1667; had prefix of
respect, but prob. was not long here. His wid. and ch. went to London.

    HATWELL, BENJAMIN, See Atwell.

    HAUGH. See Hough.

    HAUGHTON, HENRY, Salem, came in 1629, With the fleet of Higginson,
was made rul. elder, d. same yr. JOSEPH, New London, s. of
Richard, d. 1697, aged a. 58, perhaps had no ch. RICHARD, Boston,
rem. with s. Joseph, b. a. 1639, and Robert, b. a. 1642, to New London, 1651
and may have first been at Milford, had sec. w. Catharine, wid.
of Nicholas Charlet of Boston, who d. 9 Aug. 1670, and he had third w. bef.
1673, Alice. Childr. by the sec. were John, Catharine, Sampson, Abigail,
James, and Mercy; but it cannot be kn. what was the order of their b. nor of
wh. mo. with certainty, tho. prob. none by the third, only that James was
youngest s. and from him descend. the late James of Boston. He was a
shipwright, and d. at Wethersfield, 1682, while building a vessel. Abigail
m. Thomas Leach; Catharine m. John Butler; and Mercy m. Samuel Bill.
ROBERT, Boston, a mariner, s. of the preced. by w. Sarah, d. of Gamaliel
Phippen, had Robert, b.18 July 1670; Sarah, 27 Apr. 1672; and Hannah, 7 Jan.
1675, but the name in rec. for the last two is Horton; rem. to Milford a.
1678, there left posterity, Robert, Sarah, and Hannah; and his wid. m.
Benjamin Smith.

    HAVEN or HAVENS, GEORGE, Portsmouth, R. I. s. of William, m.
1674, Elinor; d. of Edward Thurston of Newport, liv. in 1680 (when adm.
freem.) at Canonicut, or Conanicut, now Jamestown; but early rem. to Shelter
isl. there had s. George and was liv. 1702. JOHN, Portsmouth, R. I. perhaps
s. of William of the same, had perhaps other ch. beside Jane, wh. m. Aug.
1686, John Shrive. * JOHN, Lynn, s. of Richard of the same, a carpenter, m. 3
Oct. 1682, Hannah, d. of Daniel Hitchings of Reading, had John, b. 1 June
1683; Elkanah; Mary; Nathan; Joseph; and Hannah; was a selectman of
Framingham, whither he rem. 1694, a rep. 1702 and 3, and d. 1703. He was gr.f.
of Rev. Samuel, H. C. 1749, wh. was f. of Hon. Nathaniel A. of H. C. 1779, wh.
was f. of a fine scholar, Nathaniel A. H. C. 1807, all of Portsmouth. MOSES,
Lynn, youngest br. of the preced. m. Mary, d. of Nathaniel Bullard, had
Joseph, b. 8 Feb. 1689; Susanna, 20 Oct. 1690; Richard, 8 Jan. 1693; Moses, 11
Nov. 1695; Mary, 1 Oct. 1698; Mehitable, 30 Jan. 1702; freem. 1690; rem. to
Framingham, and had Sarah, 10 June 1705; and Daniel, 16 June 1708. His w. d.
18 Nov. 1734; and he m. 27 Nov. of next yr. Elizabeth wid. prob. of Benjamin