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Volume 2, Page 294

sprang the N. E. popul. of 1775, and duly estimating the ratio of increase
from that glorious colony of "Scotch Irish," sixty-five yrs. later, whose
male adults were only one third of these offscouring of the civil war, I
presume that not more than one in twenty or thirty of these involunt.
youthful "redemptioners" was m. on our shores. Here is one of the
necessary sequences of such social convulsion. The names of most of
these sad settlers from one ship may be seen in Genealog. Reg. I. 377;
and the valuable epistle of Cotton to Cromwell is in Hutch. Coll.

    GRANTHAM, ANDREW, Newbury, d. 15 Dec. 1668.

    GRATH. See Groth.

    GRAVES, ABRAHAM, Concord 1677, E. of John, was of Andover 1689.
EDWARD, Hartford, among freem. in 1669. FRANCIS, Salisbury, by w. Ann had
Hannah, b. 29 Aug. 1690. GEORGE, Hartford, an orig. propr. was deac. rep. 1657 and
after; had George, John, and two or three ds. one of wh. Mary, m. Samuel Dow, 12 Dec.
1663; d. Sept. 1673. GEORGE, Hartford, s. of the preced. perhaps b. in Eng. m. 2 Apr.
1651, Elizabeth Ventris, prob. sister of Moses the first, rem. early to Middletown, of wh. he
was rep. 1658, some yrs. marshal of the Col. d. 3 Dec. 1692, leav. George, John, Elizabeth
Sarah, and Mercy. ISAAC, Hartford, s. of Thomas, b. in Eng. m. Mary, d. of
Richard Church, had Mary, b. 5 July 1647; Isaac, 22 Aug. 1650; Rebecca, 3
July 1652, or 6 July 1653; Samuel, 1 Oct. 1655; and Sarah; rem. to Hatfield,
then pt. of Hadley, and had Elizabeth 1662; John, 1664; Hannah, 1666; Jonathan;
and Mehitable, 1 Oct. 1671; was freem. 1669, and k. by the Ind. 19 Sept. 1677,
all l is ch. except Isaac and Rebecca then liv. Elizabeth m. Benjamin Hastings;
Mehitable m. 1690, Richard Morton, and next, William Worthington. ISAAC,
Hatfield, s. of John of the same, m. 1679, Sarah, d. of John Wyatt of
Haddam, whose wid. had m. his f. JOHN, Roxbury, came in May 1633, with w.
who d. soon after, and 5 ch. John, Samuel, Jonathan, Sarah, and Mary,
says the ch. rec. The William and Jane came in that mo. but as Winthrop says
she brot. only thirty passeng. I think these came, perhaps, that mo. in
the other sh. Mary and Jane, wh. had 196. In Dec. 1635 he m. Judith Alward,
or Allard, had Hannah, b. 8 Sept. 1636; was freem. 18 Apr. 1637, and d. 4
Nov. 1644. Eliot calls him "godly br." and after mention, next to him, of
funer. of "Thomas Ruggles, a godly br." adds: "these two broke the knot
first of the Nazing Christians. I mean they first d. of all those
Christians that came from that town in Eng." As he, also, came from that
little town, we know how he must have felt their loss. Fourth after the d.
of the s. we read in the rec. Jan. "a. 24 day, old mo. Graves d. She was a.
80 yrs. of age." In his will, of 1 Nov. 1644, he provides for his mo. for w.
and all the ch. exc. Sarah, who was, prob. d.; but on 26 Nov. of next yr. his s.