Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p244


Volume 2, Page 244

Eng. where he was b. 20 Aug. 1617, but ano. acco. that seems more prob.
says 17 Aug. 1620; came a. 1640; by tradit. it is idly said he was an
officer under the Duke of Buckingham, yet as the gr. Duke was assassina.
23 Aug. 1628, when G. was at most eleven yrs. old, or only eight, and ano.
Duke of B. could not have come bef. 1640, we may slight the report. First
capt. of the N. band, however, we kn. he was by Johnson's Wonderwork.
Prov. and he was rep. 1650-3, and also for Hampton 1663 and 4. He m. 17
Apr. 1645, Joanna, wid. of John Oliver, had John, b. 12 Feb. or by ano. acco.
15 May 1646; Abigail, 10, May 1647; William, 6 June 1648; Joseph, 23 Mar.
1650, E. C. 1669; Benjamin, 13 Jan. 1653; Elizabeth 10 Sept. 1654; Moses, 9 May
1656; Mary, 1 Apr. or 9 May 1658; Ann, 18 Oct. 1660; and Judith, 10 Sept.
1662. His w. d. 14 June 1677; and he rem. next yr. to Boston, there m. Ann,
wid. I suppose of John Manning, as she is said to be d. of  ; Richard
Parker, had Henry, and, on a Visit to a relative at .Salem, d. 9 Aug. 1687.
Elizabeth m. 23 Oct. 1676, Stephen Greenleaf, jr.; and Mary m. the same day,
John Dole. WILLIAM, Newbury, s. of the preced. was a physician, m. 1671,
Ann, had William, b. 21 Jan. 1674, rem. to Charlestown, there prob. had
Henry, b. Sept. 1676, d. young, and the f. d. 10 May 1683. His wid. m. 14 Jan.
1685, Lawrence Hammond, as his fourth w. Eight of this name had been gr.
in 1812 at Harv. and two are found on the catal. of other N. E. coll.

    GERRY, HENRY, Salem 1648. Felt.

    GESBIE or GESBRO, JOHN, New London, had, says Miss Caulkins, gr.
of land 1651; but did not improve it, nor have I heard such a name

    GETCHELL. See Gatchell.

    GETRYELL, JOHN, Salem 1649. Perhaps this may be Getchell.

    GIBB, ANDREW, Brookhaven on L. I. 1655. Thompson.

    GIBBARD or GIBBERT, ROBERT, came in the Arabella from London 1671;
but no more is heard of him. TIMOTHY, New Haven, s. of William, m. Sarah Coe,
had two ds. and d. under 30 yrs. � *WILLIAM, New Haven 1647, from Warwicksh.
owned prop. at Tamworth, as did his br. Timothy of Calladownhouse, near
Coventry, both in that sh. had w. Ann, d. of Edmund Tapp (wh. next m.
William Andrews), and nine ch. named in his will of 6 Aug. 1662, Hannah,
bapt. 31 Oct. 1641; Esther, bapt. 5 Mar. b. 1643; Mary, 20 Jan. 1645; Phebe, bapt
10 Jan. 1647; Sarah, b. Oct. 1648; Rebecca, Feb. 1651; Samuel, 7, bapt. 8 May 1653;
Timothy, b. Oct. 1655; and Abigail, 18, bapt. 19 Aug. 1660; beside John, bapt.
19 Sept. 1658, wh. prob. was d. in a few mos.; was a man of distinct. rep. 1652,
Secr. of the Col. 1657, and Assist. 1661, d. 9 Aug. 1662. Samuel d. 1673. See Trumbull,
I. 233, 41, 50. His wid. m. William Andrews, Rebecca m. 11 Dec. 1667, Thomas
Yale, and Phebe m. early in 1676, Nathan, the s. of William Andrews; and Abigail
m. 26 June 1683, John Goodyear. Both his and Timothy's heirs were proprs. 1685.