Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p199


Volume 2, Page 199

    FRAILE, GEORGE, Lynn 1637, may, first, have been at Charlestown,
by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. 30 Mar. 1641; Hannah, Nov. 1642, d. at 19
yrs.; Eunice, Dec. 1644; Samuel, 7 Mar. 1646; Deborah, 1 Aug.
1648; and Ruth, 30 Apr. 1653. He d. 9 Dec. 1663, leav. s. George, k.
accid. 1669. Lewis, Hist. 90. His wid. d. at Salem 5 May 1669. Elizabeth
m. 23 Nov. 1668, William Shaw of Salem, and d. bef. him (wh. had sec.
or third w. Mary); and Eunice m. 13 Mar. 1671, Abraham Patch.

    FRAME, THOMAS, Amesbury, tailor, took o. of alleg. 1677, had w.

    FRANCIS, FRANCIS, Reading, had John, b. 4 Feb. 1657. JOHN,
Braintree, 3. 1650. His w. Rose d. 1659, hav. had Elizabeth b. 24 Jan.
1657; and Susanna, on 4 Feb. of this last yr. JOHN, Medford, s. of the
first Richard, m. 5 Jan. 1688, Lydia, d. of John Cooper, had John, b. 10
Oct. foll. d. soon; John, again, 17 Feb. 1690; Stephen, 2 Nov. 1691;
Nathaniel, a. 1693; Samuel, 17 Jan. 1696; Ann, 2 Nov. 1697; Joseph,
5 Jan. 1700; Ebenezer, 30 Oct. 1701, d. soon; Lydia, 20 Apr. 1703; and
Ebenezer, again, 25 Mar. 1708. His w. d. 24 Aug. 1725; and he d. 3
Jan. 1728. RICHARD, Cambridge, was first at Dorchester, by w. Alce
or Alice had Stephen, b. 7 Feb. 1645; Sarah, 4 Dec. 1646; John, 4
Jan. 1650; Rebecca, and Ann; all at C. was freem. 13 May 1640, and d. 24
Mar. 1687, aged a. 81. RICHARD, Northampton 1678, had come
up from the E. prob. and was clk. of Turner's comp. in Philip's war, 1676,
writing well. ROBERT, Wethersfield, had Susanna, b. 1651;
Robert, 1653; and Mary, 1656; by rec. of W. beside John, and perhaps
others. His w. Joan d. 1705; s. John d. 1711; and he d. next yr.
In one of the div. of town lots he had sh. on wh. John F. Esq., a descend.
now resides. STEPHEN, Cambridge, eldest s. of first Richard, by
w. Hannah, d. of wid. Mary Hall, m. 27 Dec. 1670, had Hannah, b. 28
Sept. foll. wh. d. 17 June 1677; Stephen, la Aug. 1674; Hannah,
again, 18 June 1677, d. young; and third Hannah, 7 Apr. 1680; was
after of Reading and Medford, freem. 1690. His w. d. 2 Apr. 1683, and
he m. 16 Sept. foll. Hannah Dickson. Nine of this name had, in 1829,
been gr. at N. E. coll. of wh Rev. Dr. Convers, H. C. 1815, Parkman
Professor there, has been disting. for histor. research.

    FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN, Boston, s. of William of the same, by w.
Catharine had Joanna, b. 12 July 1672; Sarah, 2 Oct. 1674; Benjamin,
28 Jan. 1677. BENJAMIN, Marlborough, by w. Phebe had Mary, b. 3
July 1690; and John, 12 Sept. 1692. He taught a sch. there Jan. to
Apr. 1699, and may be the same as the preced. tho. prob. is against it
BENJAMIN, Boston, fifteenth ch. and youngest s. of Josiah of the same,
too famous to need any other memo. than that furnished by his autobiog.
and the great work of Sparks. He m. 1 Sept. 1730, at Philadelphia,