Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p160


Volume 2, Page 160

1 Mar. 1676. JOHN, Watertown 1630, perhaps br. of Daniel, rem. 1637,
to Wethersfield, there was k. 30 Oct. 1637, by Nepaupuck, a Pequot
capt. who for that act, says Trumbull, I. 112, was, after trial, put
to death, 30 Oct. 1639. But Dr. Bacon shows, 339-43 from the rec. that
the poor Ind. suffered for k. Abraham, not John, which was in open
war, for Conn. had declared it 1 May preced. and so appears a sad
example (would it had been the last in our country!) of judicial murder.
JOSEPH, Greenwich 1672. SAMUEL, Roxbury, freem. 14 May 1634,
was some time at Wethersfield, came back to R. and m. 13 Dec. 1654,
Judith, wid. I think, of William Potter, as sec. w. for in 1638 he had
w. Martha and 6 in fam. d. 27 Jan. 1674.

    FINNEY, JOHN, Plymouth 1643, had w. Christian, wh. d. 9 Sept.
1649. His mo. d. 22 Apr. 1650, aged above 80 yrs. JEREMIAH Bristol,
by Dr. Stiles mark. as hav. a w. in Feb. 1689, as also, is JOSHUA,
at the same time, but of either no more is told. * ROBERT, Plymouth
1643, was rep. 1657, and 8 yrs. more, deac. 1667, d. 7 Jan. 1688, aet.
88; and his wid. Phebe d. 1710, aged 91. More common spell. of this
name is Phinney, wh. see.

    FIRMIN, FERMAN or FIRMAN, GILES, Boston, came from Sudbury in
Co. Suff. 1630, no doubt with Rev. George Phillips, wh. was min. of
that parish, in the fleet with Winthrop first sat down at Watertown with
his former teach. but rem. in two yrs. to B. where his s. of the same
name had some time prior join. our ch.; was chos. deac. in 1633, and a
selectman, freem. 4 Mar. 1634, and d. in Sept. foll. GILES, Boston,
s. of the preced. came, perhaps, with his f. 1630, but sett. at B.
bef. him, rem. prob. with Rev. John Ward, his br.-in-law, to
Haverhill, but first was at Ipswich 1638, freem. 22 May 1639; m.
Susan, d. of Rev. Nathaniel Ward; practised physic, hav. been bred at
the univ. of Cambridge; in 1644, or soon after, went home, and preach.
with gr. effect, sett. as rector at Shalford in Essex. In a sermon
bef. Parliam. and the Westminster Assembly, he said, that in our
country, in seven yrs. "I never heard one profane oath, and all that
time never did see a man drunk," wh. is better proof of his keeping
good comp. than of searching for opportunity. Punishm. were frequent
enough for such offences; but his presence was, no doubt, protection
of both eyes and ears. He was ejected, as Calamy shows, in 1662, and
d. at Ridgewell, Apr. 1697. JOHN, Watertown 1630, came, prob. in the
fleet with Winthrop lost his hut by fire in Nov. of the first yr. freem.
18 May 1631. Perhaps he went home, and came again, from Ipswich in
Suff. by the Elizabeth 1634, aged 46, was selectman 1638, and deac.
JOSIAH, Boston 1640, liv. with Gov. Winthrop freem. 2 June 1641.
ROBERT, Newtown, L. I. one of the first sett. 1645. THOMAS, Ipswich,
freem. 22 May 1639, had w. Sarah; may have been rel. to Giles, liv. in
the same town, and tak. the oath on the same day, was a merch. of good
est. rem. to Salisbury 1652.