Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p159

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Volume 2, Page 159

1688; Ebenezer, 2 Dec. 1690, d. soon; Experience, 25 Dec. 1691; and Elizabeth 2 June
1694; and he d. Apr. 1715. Next yr. seven of the 13 ch. made div. of the est.

    FILIN or FILEEN, JOHN, came 1637, in the Mary Ann from
Yarmouth, in comp. with Philemon Dickinson, as servants of Benjamin
Cooper, who was of Brampton in Suff. No more is kn. of him.

    FILLEBROWN, THOMAS, Charlestown 1658, Cambridge 1665, or
earlier, by w. Anna had Thomas ; and Mary, both b. bef. 1666; Anna,
bapt. 14 Oct. 1666, d. 9 Aug. 1685. [See Harris, Epit. 13.] He was
freem. 1666 or 8, the name being ent. at each yr. and d. 7 June 1713,
and his w. d. 31 Mar. foll. both aged 82. Harris, 46, 47. But it is
observ. he supposes him to be s. of Gordon F. when we believe no such
person existed. The error prob. arose from misread. the abbr.--Goo.
for goodman, as if it were a name of bapt.--Gordon. Mary m. 8 Oct.
1688, Nathaniel Cutter. THOMAS, Cambridge, s. of the preced. m. 16
Dec. 1688, Rebecca, d. of Richard Cutter.

    FILLEY, SAMUEL, Windsor, s. of William, m. 29 Oct. 1663, Ann,
d. of Jonathan Gillet, had Ann, b. 16 Aug. 1664; Mary, 12 Apr. 1667;
Abigail, 20 Jan. 1669, d. soon; Samuel, 2 Apr. 1670, d. young;
Jonathan, 30 Nov. 1672; Samuel, again, 7 Mar. 1674; Josiah, 21 Jan.
1676; John, 18 Feb. 1678; and Abigail, again, 3 Jan. 1680; and Samuel,
again, 8 Sept. 1681; and Mary, again, 14 Dec. 1683. WILLIAM, Windsor 1640, or
earlier, m. 2 Sept. 1642, Margaret, had Samuel, b. 24 Sept. 1643, bef. ment.; John, 15
Dec. 1645, Mary; Eliz. 4 Mar. 1650; Abigail, 21 Aug. 1658; Deborah, 21 Mar. 1661;
and William, 7 Mar. 1665, wh. d. at W. 1707, without ch. Mary m. 5 Apr. 1666,
Joseph Skinner; Eliz. m. 17 Nov. 1669, David Winchell; and Abigail m. 26 Aug.
1680, John Bissell.

    FINCH, ABRAHAM, Wethersfield, was first, prob. of Watertown,
and freem. 3 Sept. 1634, but rem. soon, was, it is said, constable
1636, in Conn. fell in the Pequot war 1637; and in 1640, when his s.
was a minor, the est. was admin. He left only s. Abraham. The wid.
Dorothy m. in 1637 or 8, John Edwards, had six ch. by him, and after
m. Richard Tousley of Saybrook, in 1676 was a third time wid.
ABRAHAM, Wethersfield, s. of the preced. rem. with his mo. to
Saybrook. freem. 1658, d. unm. and gave his prop. to sis. ch. of John
Edwards. DANIEL, prob. of Watertown, and br. it may be of first
Abraham, came, I suppose, in the fleet with Winthrop freem. 18 May 1631,
rem. to Wethersfield, with first sett. there was, perhaps, constable
1636; thence to Stamford, of wh. he was one of the orig. proprs. and
in 1653 to Fairfield, there made contr. of m. 25 Dec. 1657, with Elizabeth
wid. of John Thompson of the same, and d. Mar. 1667; in his will names
s. Nathaniel, with Abraham and three ds. HENRY, a soldier in Turner's comp.